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Tuna-shaped turbines to boost tidal power generation

tuna shaped turbine

Relying on an improved turbine design, a project for the Seto Inland Sea will flaunt a better tidal power generation capacity. As the tuna-shaped, streamlined turbines will dodge driftwood and fishing nets, its propellers will continue working longer than the ones used in traditional turbines. A system of rotating axle joints will connect these turbines to electricity generators. The turbines could move on both their horizontal and vertical axes and will have no negative impact on the marine ecosystem.

Kiyomi Suzuki, president of the Hyogo Prefecture firm Nova Energy Co., says…

There are many obstacles in the sea, but the correct design can effectively deal with them.

… and the turbine design under consideration is definitely the most preferred one.

Image Courtesy: Nova Energy

Via: GreenOptimistic/Yomiuri