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TW4XP human/electric powered three-wheeler eyes Automotive X-Prize

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Unusual looks, innovative design and green credentials stand by the TW4XP to bring it so close to the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. The electric three-wheeler is one of the 12 finalists remaining in the competition and one of only six in the Alternative Side-by-Side category. The name “three wheeler for X-Prize” itself clarifies that it has been specially built for the competition. Hailing from Germany, this green vehicle is powered by an electric motor that generates 70kW of nominal power for a top speed of 80mph.

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The TW4XP claims to have a driving range of 150 miles and a power consumption of 16 kW hours per 100 miles. It has pedals to extend its range by giving the battery a break. People voting on the site have brought it to the second position for the title of “Most Innovative.” In my opinion the TW4XP still stands a chance to take away the $2.5 million prize.

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