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UK gets its first hydrogen-powered Honda

honda fcx clarity makes uk debut

Not even a month has passed since Honda assured all that it would stay competitive in green car market. Now literally abiding by what it had promised, Honda has released a fuel cell car in the UK. The green car, dubbed as Honda FCX Clarity, utilizes hydrogen to amaze all with a top speed of 11mph (160km/h) and a range of 270 miles range.

‘The car is still electric’ as it employs an electric motor to keep its wheels in motion. As the gaseous hydrogen, which lies stored amid the front seats in a tank, flows toward the fuel cell, it reacts with oxygen to produce electricity that is sent to the electric motor at the front of the car. The car emits water as the only byproduct. So, the carmaker Honda rightly sees the hydrogen cars as the future of motoring.

Via: BBC