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Ukarainian manure-powered biogas facility banks on 4,000 cows

manure powered biogas facility

Companies all across the world are switching to greener energy alternatives and the latest to join the list is the Ukraine Milk Company. Using the 4,000 cows’ manure, along with a GE biogas engine, the company is powering a factory that produces milk for baby nutrition products. Foe the past 9 months, this factory has been receiving power from a combined heat and power plant, which is being said to be the first biogas cogeneration plant in the Ukraine.

This Manure-powered biogas facility not only helps UMC improve its factory efficiency, but also diverts extra manure from going into the waste stream and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The plant generates 625 kW of electricity and 686 kW of thermal output. The best part of this green initiative is nothing goes for waste, the leftovers obtained after processing of the manure is used as agricultural fertilizer.

GE biogas engines do not power UMC’s factory alone, they power China’s largest chicken waste biogas-energy plant too. Now the corporation is building the world’s largest cow manure-powered biogas project at Liaoning Huishan Cow Farm in China. It’s great to see poop coming up as a green source of power.

Via: FastCompany