Understanding The Advantages Of Naturally-Sourced Furniture

Pursuing natural, sustainable living has multiple fronts. One of the trendiest personifications of this ecologically friendly trend comes in the form of solar panels. People are taking it further, though. LED lights consume less power and last longer, though they cost a little bit more to install. Beyond that, there are even methods of hygienically composting human waste for horticultural use. These measures are becoming more affordable, but require a concerted effort to pursue. Additionally, they’re going to be a bit expensive when you get right down to it.


Sometimes the best way to start on your sustainable path, you may want to take a less life-altering course, and then pursue gradual steps. A great way to do this is through the furniture arrangements in your home. While it’s easy to go with mass-produced options that are very cheap, these options are going to yield sub-par solutions that don’t have much (if any) resale value, and collaterally damage the environment through manufacturing efforts that aren’t always considerate of a “green” lifestyle.

In contrast, some of the oldest methods of teak furniture design are actually better for the environment. Hand-carved furniture usually produces less waste. Also, such furniture has literally centuries of craftsmanship behind its creation, rather than decades of assembly-line production.

The end result is furniture that looks nicer, lasts longer, upgrades the décor of any space, and is not harmful to the environment.

Teak is chic

While there are many kinds of wood used in such sustainable, superior development, one of the most desirable is teak.

Just look at that breathtaking picture. It’s very inviting and a perfect place to entertain friends with a bottle of Moscato or Pinot Noir and then enjoy the decadent chocolates that you got from Sweet Services just in time for the holiday season and all while appreciating the quality and experiencing the comfort of this eco-friendly furniture set.

Ecological Advantages of Teak


Teak in specific has many desirable qualities that recommend it above some other naturally-sourced wood solutions—especially when you consider teak that has been “reclaimed”. It has high levels of rubber and oil, which make it more weather-proof than many woods.

The oils used are naturally sourced, which means they provide weather-proofing without the need for environmentally unfriendly finishes or sealing agents.

Teak is also a wood that, while being very durable, very strong, and configured to last a lifetime throughout many kinds of climates, is also very low-maintenance. You don’t need paint, you don’t need varnish—both of which can be bad for the environment.

Additionally, coloration has natural variance that can fit any household. From a silvery gray of a weathered look to ambers of the richest quality, there is quite an array of available choices.

Finally, the material is renewable (just look for a forest of trees that produce teak), and has no petroleum, no VOCs, and no plastics.

If you find yourself interested in this sustainable, clean option, there is a broad selection of choices. TeakMeHome.com offers teak dining room furniture they describe as: “…reclaimed handcrafted furniture [that] has been conceived to help introduce the natural world into your home, and make your interior space a beautiful work of art that embodies innovation and simplicity.”

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