Understanding some of the best ways to recycle plastic


We use plastic bottles, straws, containers, bags, building materials, and so much more. All of these products can make our lives a little bit easier and more convenient, but the waste can quickly add up. Fortunately, the vast majority of these plastic products can be recycled.

Recycling regularly is something that we all need to make a habit. Americans throw out a lot of trash each year, and all that waste is just sitting in our landfills. It is especially discouraged to throw plastic products away because many of these items are not biodegradable. To help you do your part in keeping our world clean and improving our environment, following are some of the best ways to recycle plastic.

1. Look for the Recycling Triangle Symbol


Recyclable plastic products will typically have the triangle symbol imprinted on it – often on the bottom of bottles and containers. If you see this symbol, you know that it can and should be recycled. In fact, recycled plastic is extremely valuable, and it is reused in many of the products that we use on a regular basis. Bottles, pens, building materials, furniture, carpet, tote bags, trash can liners, and envelopes are just a few of the items that are made with recycled plastic.

2. Make it Easy to Recycle at Home

You are much less likely to recycle your plastic products if you have to go out of your way to do so. Many individuals opt to keep their recycling containers in the garage or outside. While that is fine, it can still be tempting to just throw that plastic water bottle or yogurt container away so that you don’t have to make any extra effort. You can make things super easy on yourself by keeping a recycling container within easy access. Does your trash pull out have two containers? Perfect. Use one for trash and one for recycling. Don’t have available space for a recycling bin? No problem. Just get a paper grocery bag and stick it in your pantry. Place your recyclables in there throughout the day, and then make one trip to your larger recycling container.

3. Encourage Your Family to Recycle


While you may be ready to recycle all your plastic materials, it can be a little more challenging to get your whole family on board, especially children. To help get them used to this new task, encourage your children to recycle by offering an incentive. For example, if they recycle five items each week, maybe they get to watch a movie or get a special little treat.

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