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Unique and witty Video Game Urinal made from SNES cartridges

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Urinals are usually made from ceramics, stainless steel and glass, and are more practical than a regular toilet in a men’s washroom. But, have you ever thought of making one with those SNES cartridges lying at your place? Edwin Kee did, and designed one named Video Game Urinal.

If you are a video game addict, then the idea to erect one at your place must have sailed in. Here is a piece of good news. What if I say, you can make this eco-friendly urinal sitting at home? The artist has made good use of 40 cartridges to get the structure in place. Mind you, Edwin has only used broken and boring games for this. Waterproof sealant, urinal flush valve and plumbing tools like screw driver and sand paper were used to make it functional.

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The green urinal requires adequate water pressure for operating it. This is one main reason it will suit better for commercial than residential areas. If you are planning to make one on your own, then be ready to shell USD 200-250 and about 8 hours. The urinal can serve as an added attraction and will send an eco-friendly message. Normally, we throw stuff that either gets damaged or we don’t like. Defying this norm is Edwin Kee, who has intelligently given SNES cartridges a new lease of life.

So, if you like Mario, and are helping him jump from one level to the other, then Video Game Urinal will leave you impressed. Video game lovers will go gaga over this concept, which is a clean and green replacement for standard urinals.

Via: geekologie