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Unique Aquaponic Gardens to Add Splendor to Your Tabletop

by DrPrem Jagyasi

An aquaponic system combines hydroponics with aquaculture where both plants and aquatic animals can survive together. Under this system, water from an aquaculture unit is fed to a hydroponic unit. In the hydroponic unit, nitrogen-fixing bacteria break byproducts into nitrites and nitrates that are further used as nutrients by plants. The same water is then circulated back to the aquaculture unit. Thus, the entire aquaponic system conserves natural resources. It is a nice way to be friendly to the environment. If you also love to keep a mini aquaponic garden in your home, then check out here some nice options for your tabletop.

Ni Living Fountain Small Aquaponics System

Ni Living Fountain Small Aquaponics System

You can place this beautiful aquaponic system anywhere close to your seating place in a living room. Ni Living Fountain not only entertains you while you watch your fish and plants growing, but also freshens up the air in your room. Thus, you feel relaxed yet lively. A complete kit is provided to set up this system on your tabletop. You receive everything that is needed to raise your plants and fish. The system is available at a price of $250. There are two colors options for pots, chocolate and dark charcoal.

Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden tabletop aquaponic system

Another wonderful tabletop aquaponic system that appears as a single unit with its bottom half made of glass. You can raise fish or prawns in the lower portion and grow your favorite herbs on the top. Its fish tank or water fountain has a self-cleaning system. When the fountain water flows, you may hear a soothing sound. In the kit for this system, you receive seeds to grow fresh herbs and some clay pebbles that give your garden a nice look. You may beautify any room by placing this tabletop aquaponic garden there.

Back to the Roots

Back to the Roots 2

Whether you love to grow basil and thyme or spinach and parsley, you can do it all in a little aquaponic system that is shaped like a regular pot for growing plants. When you place this system on your tabletop, you can watch your fish growing in the bottom portion. The fish waste is used a nutrient for plants growing in the top portion. Plants are responsible for cleaning the water supplied back to the growing fish. Back to the Roots is like a closed-loop ecosystem that looks simple and elegant.



Another lovely autonomous ecosystem developed inside an attractive and sturdy structure made of steel and glass. While the tabletop garden’s lid is made of stainless steel, the aquaculture can be observed in a glass shell. Ranging from seeds and plant baskets to water conditioners, you receive everything in the accompanying kit. It is also not an expensive garden and is available at a price of around $70.


AquaDorables tabletop aquaponic system

This amazing tabletop aquaponic system is classic and introductory in nature and style. Available at a low price of around $40, this mini system has a wick-based connection between the aquatic and plant portions. AquaDorables is a strong yet lightweight system that can be placed on a tabletop in any corner of your room.


There are various kinds of aquaponic gardens available to be placed on tabletops in your home. These green systems are not only great for the environment, but also for adding a unique touch to your living room.