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Five most unique eco friendly hotels in the world

Eco friendly hotel

If you are on the look out for some of the greenest hotels and lodges on the planet, you have reached the right place. The thought of staying in Eco-friendly hotels inspires nature loving tourists. This is mainly because they know that the place where they stay emphasizes the importance of preserving the very sights they have come to see.

Tourism industry has assimilated the concept of Eco-friendliness in all aspects, with ‘green’ being the new buzz word in the modern world. Eco-friendly tourism is attracting global attention, and there are a variety of Eco-friendly hotels to suit all interests. This new refreshing approach to tourism is indeed a great positive sign.

Have a look at five of the green hotels that are located in some of the most beautiful and picturesque parts around the world.

1. The Whitepod Eco-Retreat, Switzerland

Whitepod Eco-Retreat

Located in the village of Les Cerniers in the Swiss Alps, The Whitepod eco resort is really a feast for the eyes. The resort is arranged as pods (dome shaped tents), which create only a small footprint on the environment. All the 15 pods are designed as unique geodesic structures fixed on wooden platforms. Each pod is outfitted with wood-burning stoves, organic luxury bed linen and lush bathrooms. You can find a unique blend of ultra-modern materials and renewable energy sources in each pod. An appealing early 1800s wooden chalet is located at the center of the pods, which functions as a meeting place for the guests.

This eco friendly hotel stresses minimum daily water and electricity consumption, and tries to reduce waste production. Renewable resources are utilized to enhance awareness of environment protection among its guests.

2. Spice Island Resort, Grenada

Spice Island Resort

Spice Island Beach Resort is a family-run boutique resort in Grenada – the ‘Spice Isle’ of the Caribbean. Located in Grand Anse Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the sprawling eight acre property offers all opulent luxuries. The hotel functions by giving adequate importance to environment protection. Some of the environmental practices at the hotel are use of solar heating, eco-friendly electrical appliances, energy saving devises, home grown herb gardens, natural composting, close monitoring system on air conditioning usage, etc.

3. Adrere Amellal, Egypt

Adrere Amellal

Adrère Amellal is designed as a desert eco lodge that enables the tourists to relax and explore some truly unique surroundings. The resort is crafted in such a way as to fuse the simplicity of a Cistercian monastery, the sumptuousness of a Turkish seraglio and the fancy of a gorgeous sandcastle.

The resort boats 40 unique hand-built rooms. Since the buildings are made of mud, they naturally get merged with landscape in a beautiful manner. A major eco friendly aspect of the hotel is that no rooms have electricity and are lit by the soft brightness of a number of beeswax candles.

4. Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa, USA

Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa

Gaia Napa Valley Hotel and Spa in California boasts the distinction of being the world’s first and only Gold LEED Certified hotel. Modern comforts and eco-friendly design elements are blended in a nice way.

This eco–friendly hotel property offers deluxe, convenience-packed accommodations along with offering ultra convenient proximity to Wine Country. All the 132 guest rooms spacious and tastefully deigned and are available in three options: Standard King, Double Queen and Extended Double Queen. The contemporary lodging property is completely non-smoking, environmentally friendly and socially responsible with all the up to date amenities sought after by modern travelers.

Green materials are used wherever possible. Some of the green practices undertaken by the hotel are: energy efficient appliances and devises, recycling programs and waste reduction initiatives.

5. Tiamo Resort, Bahamas

Tiamo Resort

Tiamo is a delightfully designed resort in Bahamas that offers the appearance of a piece of heaven in the heart of the Caribbean. The resort property boasts a private beach and 10 cottages. The most exceptional experience that any traveler is sure to get is from the exquisite location of the resort. The place is accessible only by boat or seaplane! You can forget yourself about the outside busy world and indulge your senses in beautiful surroundings. You will find immaculate white-sand beaches, thriving green palm groves, and crystal clear turquoise waters everywhere.

The guest bungalows are designed with eco friendliness in mind. The efficient design is evident from the minimum use of electricity that the entire resort consumes.

All these five eco friendly hotels are conveniently located in some of the most beautiful and picturesque parts of the world. These resorts and hotels allow guests to be environmentally conscious, while enjoying unbelievably unique and beautiful places to stay. It is indeed an amazing experience to explore some of the incredible places in the world, while still being environmentally conscientious.