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Seven most unique recycled creations

unique recycled creations

Eco consciousness is slowly seeping into our skin and making us aware as to how we can protect our environment and minimise waste, at the same time create wonderful and functional everyday items that we can use and admire endlessly. Here are seven unique recycled creations.

1. Necktie Shoelaces in Silk

All those outdated neckties are brimming out of your wardrobe? You don’t seem to know what to do with them. Neither do you want to gift them to someone when you think about how much you have spent on them. Here are some creative ideas to make shoelaces out of them. Find a tailor or a good seamstress who can cut them up and shape them to form shoe laces. Wear them with your trendiest boots or go exercising with your stylish silk shoelaced boots and see how eyes can literally pop out of their sockets! If you want some of these shoelaces readymade, they are all yours for $ 8 from Etsy.

2. Hanging Bottle Lights from Re-Lites

These beautiful and color blocked bottles are created from discarded wine and alcohol bottles. They come with a mystical illumination, lighted by a 40 watt tubular incandescent bulb. The color blocking varies in number and color and the frosted look looks absolutely stunning in sophisticated environments. Comes in varying shapes and styles that suit every subtle environment. Price range – $ 120-550. With a bit of imagination and creative spark, you can make a subtle version of this bottle light at home and create other interesting variations according to your imagination.

3. Milk Sack Tote from Rebagz

These bags can be attention seeking and hence if you are the modest kind, do make it a point to keep away from them. They are ideal bags for carrying to the neighbourhood market and very sturdy as well. Created by Rebagz, you can choose a range of recycled tote bags from their beautiful collection. Just make sure that you are prepared for all the praises and exclamations that come by.

4. Recycling Container from Eco Pop

Recycling containers are definitely things which we need to store things that can be used for recycling. Here is a wonderful container which is made from 67 percent recycled materials. Ideal for people who live and breathe eco friendliness and promote recycling of waste. The container comes in a drum shape and has a green lid to announce eco friendliness.

5. Bike Furniture Table

Bikers would love this concept of creating furniture from parts of a bicycle. The table with chrome and steel bicycle rime as the base and a glass top bicycle wheel as the tabletop looks very sophisticated and minimalistic. Created by Andy Gregg, the rim base almost looks like an endless Celtic knot, cleverly interlocked to create a beautiful twist and curl to the design. They make great tea tables or side tables and would suit a modernistic and minimalistic interior. A variety of styles are created from tyres, steel rims and other parts of a bicycle to enhance the appeal and create interesting twists.

6. Gigantic Moth Sculptures

This young artist Michelle Stitzlein uses all sorts of recycled objects to carve beautiful pieces of art out of nowhere! The gigantic moth sculpture is a tribute to her talent. The artist’s imagination seeps through her elegant use of rusted tin cans, old piano keys, broken china, license plates, bottle caps, electrical wire and what! All her moths and butterflies take wings and soar through heights of imagination. Each piece is a unique and exceptional surprise that bowls you over its intricacy and attention to detail. With the right touch of color and rusticity, they are a runaway hit!

7. Dog Sweaters from Recycled Textiles

Here’s a beautiful way to keep your dog warm and cosy with a sweater shaped out from your own wardrobe collection that could be outdated. The dog sweaters created by Deborah Lindquist look very vibrant and flowery and is fit even for a kid’s wardrobe. With beautiful floral patches on red felt fabric, they look perfect on every little dog you own. They come for $ 99 which is way too expensive for a sweater. Dog sweaters are easy to make and you can create your own pretty version at home without buying them from a recycled shop. Look for old and colorful sweaters that you have stopped using and shape them out in your own style.

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