Five most unprecedented effects of global warming

Unprecedented effects of global warmingThe phenomenon ‘global warming’ is defined as gradual increment in the average temperature of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. The severe effects caused by global warming will be overwhelming to human and animal populations. From mass migrations to habitat loss, climate change is thought to be responsible for a number of significant drifts in the animal kingdom. Here we have listed down five such unprecedented effects of global warming:

1. Shrinkage in size of animals

Shrinkage in size of animalsOne of the unprecedented penalties of global warming may be substantial shrinkage in physical size of the animals, the study carried out in University of London. The physical size of the most cold-blooded species can be defined by famous ‘temperature-size rule’, which explains that the individuals of same species attains a smaller size when exposed to rather warmer temperature. Both the features of an individual, that is growth (accumulation of mass in body) and development (getting passed through life stages to be mature adult) are independently affected by change in temperature. At warmer temperature, a species grows faster but matures even faster resulting in them to accomplish a comparably smaller adult size.

2. Whale in trouble

Whale in troubleIn several researches, It has been found out that Southern Ocean sperm whales are positively concerned to reduce the level of environmental CO2 gases, which is chiefly accountable for green house effect and global warming. Every year, sperm whales decrease the level of CO2 as equivalent as exerted by 40,000 cars per year by defecating in form of carbon containing excretes. These are highly adapted to live in cold oceans due to their specific structure. The ‘sperm’ is nothing but a thickened waxy layer present beneath the skin, which protects them by cold climate. Climatic warming specially within the oceans may seriously damage the large marine creatures like whale by shrinking the area of their favorable habitats. Decrease in whale population may result into the complete destruct of marine ecosystem as well.

3. No ski vacations

No Ski VacationsOne of the most unprecedented effects of global warming is on popular sport skiing, which is totally dependent on the availability of snow as well as frosty temperature. As a result of increasing climatic temperature, winter season is continuously going to be shorter and shorter. The rise of 2 to 3 degree Celsius in temperature can be devastating for a ski resort as the layering of ice will be much week and easily be melted. Some European ski resorts are adopting non-skiing alternatives like skiing schools for summer, golf courses, downhill biking and tennis courts instead of down going skiing business. Terrific lacking in snow level over a holiday period seriously discourages skiing sport and ski-loving tourists are diverted towards another game.

4. Wildflowers in danger

Wildflower in dangerDifferent beautiful flowers are not apart from the destructive effects of global warming. Environmentalists exclaimed that several wild flowers are losing their fragrance due to change in temperature of environment. Although, CO2 is essential to survive a flowering plant, increasing CO2 level can destruct the most of flowering plant species. Nearly 20% of the flowering plant diversity and 8% of total plant diversity in the world can be severely destroyed by net pressure of global warming. The reason was explained as increasing the environmental CO2 content to just double will result into higher rainfall by 50% and a rise in climate temperature by approximately 2 degree Celsius, which along with nitrogen pollutant can promote some plant to grow faster, leaving other plants starved to survive.

5. Climate refugee

Climate refugeesTerm ‘climate refugee’ is a new denotation in the dictionary of global arena that can be defined as, a human being who is compelled to displace by pressure of some natural disasters into an unaffected place. These disasters are generally correlated directly or indirectly by global warming effects and may be seen as increasing droughts, desertification, increasing sea level, frequent forest fire and the unpredicted extreme weather conditions like cyclones, flood, tornadoes and hurricanes. These climatic changes have severe negative impacts on people’s basic requirements like shelter, foods, potable water and health conditions. Into a recently released report by Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), a warning has been given that nearly 150 million climate refugee will be enforced to displace to another countries if the climatic condition continues to grow up with this rate. Still today, nearly 500 to 600 million people (approximately 10% of total world population) are at risk of dislocation to other places by climatic disasters.

The hazardous impacts of global warming will take some more time to be brutal for every living creature either plant or animal. The effects, what we are seeing today, is only the fruit of what we did since past 20 years. Everyone needed to be awakened to protect our planet from overwhelming problems resulted by global warming.

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