Unusual eco friendly products worth purchasing

There is increasing demand for eco-friendly products nowadays as people are becoming more conscious about the environment and preserving it. Now many specialized shops are opening up which only sell eco friendly products and you can buy several unique and useful products from such shop. In the following section let us look at some unusual eco friendly products, which you can purchase.



There is a Colorado company, which makes coffins made out of bamboo and banana sheaves. The coffin decomposes along with the body and is considered an eco friendly burial method. Normally it takes from six months to two years for the ecoffins to bio-degrade.


Moss Carpet:

Experts believe that by blood circulation can be improved by walking on grass. The moss carpet brings you closer to nature and you do not have to go to a park for a stroll. This carpet is made from foam known as plastazote and consists of island moss, ball moss as well as forest moss and the carpet is to be kept inside the bathroom so that mosses stay fresh in humidity present in the bathroom.


Pollution Sensitive Dress:

This dress has been made in such a way that it will wrinkle accordingly to the level of pollution in the air. If there is lot of pollution in the air then after sometime you are in such area, the dress will look dirty and wrinkled as if it has been taken out of a laundry bag.


Eco Car Racer:

This particular car racer is built using plant material and took more than two months for a student from Warwick University to build it. The tires are made partly using potato starch to reduce friction on the road, fuel is made from fermented wheat as well as sugar beet and bodywork created using pulped hemp in which rape seed oil resin has been injected and after that, it was molded.


Eco Friendly Earrings:

Made by a company named Kitten Lab, these eco friendly earrings are made using old IBM typewriter balls. The earrings are lightweight since these balls are of plastic and the designs do make them attractive to wear.

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