10 Creative Ways You Can Upcycle Your Old Clothing

At some point or other, we often face the problem of excessive old clothing in our wardrobe. While few ways to get rid of it is to donate or trash. But that means some portion of your wardrobe will get empty and you need to spend more money on purchasing new things for your room or wardrobe. However, the best way to save your money is by upcycling your old clothing.

Here are 10 creative ways to upcycle your old clothes and turn them into beautiful accessories or home decor items.

  1. Turn your old jeans into a cool handbag

Can’t get enough of your favorite denims, but it’s time to say goodbye to your piece of clothing? Well, instead of throwing it away just turn it into a fancy handbag or tote bag to match up your routine outfits. Whether a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, you can turn any of them into a cool bag for yourself. Try not to remove the jean pockets, as these can serve as handy side pockets for your bag.

  1. Sweater into cushion pillows

Give a second life to your old sweaters by converting them into beautiful and warm cushion pillows. These pillows will be a perfect especially during winter season when you need a lot of cozy stuff around your bed or couch.

  1. Old shirts into dog collars

Looking for a new dog collar? Well, just grab your old shirt and remove its collar. A minimum sewing effort will be needed to gift your canine friend a super cool dog collar. Just like you, even your pooch will feel stylish when heading out of its kennel. 

  1. Old jersey tops into two-colored scarf

You can take your two different colored jerseys, cut them, and sew in form an elegant two-colored scarf to up your styling game. You can definitely enjoy wearing it with multiple casual outfits.

  1. Adorable stuffies

Adorable stuffies

Take old baby clothes and make cute stuff toys for your kids. You need few old clothes from your child’s cupboard, sewing tools and cotton stuffing to make adorable stuffies for your kids’ playroom.

  1. DIY warm slippers

DIY warm slippers

To keep your feet warm during winter, you can turn your old warm cardigans or pullovers into cozy slippers. You need slipper soles, old clothing, glue and sewing tools for this DIY project.

  1. Baby sleeping bag

Using old pillow case, you can create a warm sleeping bag for a toddler. You need a pillowcase, soft fabric for stuffing and sewing instruments to convert old pieces of clothing to a cool baby bag. Any infant will surely enjoy a nice nap in this cozy, cushiony sleeping bag.

  1. Home decor items

Using old pieces of clothing, you can create several home decor pieces for the festive season, as well as for general home decoration. For instance, you can make cool door wreaths, old t-shirt stocking, heart-shaped stuffies and other small decor pieces for Christmas decor.

  1. T-shirt to artwork

T-shirt to artworkHave an old t-shirt with cool artwork printed on it? Well, instead of throwing it away you can turn it into a beautiful wall art. Just cut the printed or painted pattern from the t-shirt and glue it on a piece of card board. Now get this cardboard framed with elegant wooden lining. It will surely be a great wall art for your bedroom or living room.

  1. T-shirt lunch bags

T-shirt lunch bagsYou favorite t-shirts may not fit you anymore, but you can convert them into fancy lunch boxes for your kids. You can even give a personalized touch to these DIY lunch boxed by printing your child’s name a corner of the box.

If you like crafts and sustainable creations, you’ll surely love to give new life to your old clothes.

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