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Upcycled Musical Frames – The new sound of art

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If musical art really catches your attention, then tune in your eyes and ears towards these masterpieces. Being multifaceted in nature, Rebaroque sound frames are no ordinary art frames. Redesigned out of vintage frames and remnant fabric, these frames are hooked up with Pyle speakers and crafted with utter precision and detailing. This idea was borne by Rebecca Paul and Mikal Hameed who joined hands with curator Lori Zimmer to initialize this idea.


If your eyes are twitching and ears eagerly tuned to hear why these are called musical frames, then here goes. The Anew series have combined art pieces and paintings with speakers. Now, you can connect your musical devices to these masterpieces and enjoy both the beauty along with sound.


The art would be displayed in the Scope Art Fair where a sound wall would be created fusing the music with these futuristic art pieces. Some of the artists participating are Beau Stanton, Claw Money, Cycle, Ellis G, Gaia, Ian Kuali’i, Jim Avignon, Jon Burgerman, Jonathan Viner,M11X, Martin Wittfooth, Mr. Kiji, Nathan Pickett, Orlando Reyes, ROSTARR x Madluv, Ryan Bradley, Sharktoof, Tara McPherson and Vesta.

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Along with these paintings, the major responsibility for the artists is to out together music which would complement their paintings in the best possible way. Some musicians include the works of Gogol Bordello, DJ DB’s BLURRRing Radio, Kid Zoom, DJs Ole Koretsky and Andy Rourke of The Smiths, jazz musician Brian Newman, pop culture blog The World’s Best Ever. So bring out those dancing shoes and the looking glasses for its going to be a long night at the exhibition. A night of pure ecstatic fun coupled with fun filled music.

Via: Inhabitat

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