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Urban Seed Project sows the seed of an eco-conscious society

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While texting is definitely a healthy way of checking deforestation, we often keep clinging back on the age-old practice of printing our sentiments on plain paper. Designer Ruedee Sarawutpaiboon might be thinking along the similar lines as he conceptualizes and proposes the Urban Seed project. Realizing that it’s time to apologize for ‘all things wrong’ done to nature, he advocates using biodegradable cards filled with seeds for communication purpose. As one finishes reading the message, he needs to plant the piece of communication so that it could sprout when rain drenches it someday. Now, this is what the designer calls as the analog mode.

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The futuristic public play system also includes the digital mode, wherein telephones, smart cards or some other digital means of communication still are in charge. You could dial a number on the sign at a public telephone and tell your story. After finishing telling story, you will get the printed part of somebody else’s story on a seed embedded postcard as a feedback, which could be disposed off to grow into plants ultimately.

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Via: YankoDesign

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