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Use old tires to decorate your yard in a creative way

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Every old and used object can be recycled and restored. Old tires may seem to be useless but even those can be used creatively to decorate your yard. Do not discard used tires of different sizes because they can help you create unique structures to decorate the yard of your house. Think out of the box and collect both small and big sized tires to make something unique for your yard. In this article, you will come across some simple and brilliant recycling ideas.


Tire Flowerpots:

If you have a green thumb then you must create a personal garden your backyard. The plastic flowerpots look cheap and tacky. Instead of those, you can make unique flowerpots by using old and useless tires. Rubber tires are very sturdy and they can stand being exposed to extreme weather conditions. May storm comes or hail your flower pots will not break. You can color the usually black tires to give your garden a fresh and festive look.


Yard swing:

If you have small kids at home then you must make a special yard swing with old tires. Many of us have loved the tire swings in our childhood. Now you can recreate those memories with the help of rubber tires. Just tie a big enough tire with a rope on one end and then tie the other end of the rope with a strong branch of a tree.


Playing ground:

Young kids should be given some space of their own for playing and having fun. You can create a very special playing center in your yard using different sized car tires. Paint the big and small tires in bright hues. Feel some smaller tires with mud so the kids can plant trees. Build hills and plateaus for the kids to climb up and down. Collect colorful rocks and store them inside a tire so that kids have a fun time finding them. Store their different playthings inside bigger tires. Make roads using tires as well.


Garden caterpillar:

Dig some shallow pits at the border of your flower garden. Cut the old tires into neat halves. Put the haves inside the pits to make it look like a giant caterpillar. You can also create bugs, butterflies and other fun animals or insects by coloring the tires and cutting them in suitable shapes.

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