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Vancouver gets world’s first LEED Platinum convention center

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Seattle-based LMN Architects, the originator of various eco-projects, has collaborated with Vancouver-based MCM and DA to design the world’s first LEED Platinum convention center. Dubbed the Vancouver Convention Center West, the green construction features Canada’s largest and the biggest non-industrial living roof with a six-acre space. The green roof offers perfect natural insulation to the building; also, it helps affecting building’s storm-water utilization and the waterfront landscape ecosystem.

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Mark Reddington, the LMN partner, said…

The design goes far beyond the big box functionality and experience of a traditional convention centre. Instead, it offers a new vision of sustainability and a rich public experience by weaving together the natural ecology, local culture, urban context, and building program in a unified whole that functions literally as a living part of both the city and the harbor.

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All set to boost the sporty revelries at Vancouver, B.C., it will definitely lend a definitive grace to the 2010 Olympic & Paralympics Winter Games.

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Via: World Architecture News

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