Vegetation stones that add greenery to urban areas

Urbanization has taken a toll on green space availability and now it is time, everybody initiates to bring back the somewhat lost greenery to the urban areas. Here is a way you can count upon to do so. It is “grey to green”, a project initiated by Caroline Brahme to add a splash of greenery to urban areas.

A simple yet powerful idea

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While reading about “Grey to Green”, you might wonder as to how basic the idea is. However, what is shocking about this entire scenario is the fact that still nobody managed to think of it. Caroline turned out to be the only one who gave it a thought and actually designed something that could initiate greenery and vegetation out in the urban streets.

“Grey to Green” is an award-winning project, which is a series of paving stones that can host vegetation. Urban areas misplaced green area with the concrete jungles. Large tracts of lands filled with trees were transformed into concrete jungles filled with concrete trees. Caroline has beautifully managed to bring this issue into our attention and by using grey concrete slabs to host green vegetation.

An innovative design

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Caroline has come up with an extremely innovative design, which is a paving slab with holes. This design can be easily integrated on the paved urban floors, thus helping bring a lot of greenery to those places. The Grey to Green series of paving stones can literally fill life in lifeless concrete jungles or the urban areas you call them. It seems there could not have been any better way to bring vegetation to the impervious surfaces.

The series consists of four paving stones. Each stone contains different numbers of perforations, from I to eight holes. Those holes serve as pots on the paving blocks to grow plants and flowers. Besides bringing greenery and vegetation to the urban areas, the Green to Grey series also solves the space trouble.

A space saving solution

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As urban areas already face problems associated to scarcity of space, problem can aggravate if flowerpots are placed everywhere in the urban streets. Credit goes to Caroline, the creator of Grey to Green series who came up with this space saving solution.

The “Grey to Green” is a stupendous project that aims to bring vegetation and greenery to the paved urban spaces. It enables to grow flowers and plants in the holes on the concrete blocks, unlike the weeds that grow between the paved urban spaces.

Source : DesignBoom.Com

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