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Ventilate your home and breathe in pure air with roQar SmartWindow

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Using air conditioners in homes can cause the inside air to go stale and toxic. It can also lead to suffocation when we close the doors tocondition the air inside our rooms. It can be a healthy practice to replace such stale air by the fresh outside air.However, we may require a heat exchanger to repel the unwanted outside temperature and a conditioner to retain only the useful outside temperature. Many times, it is not possible to get healthy air by using multiple air conditioning, heat exchanging, andpurification devices.

What is the solution?

Considering all such issues, roQar LLC has designed a smart window called roQar. It is actually a combination of an air purifier, ventilator, and thermostat. Additionally, this device is designed to provide huge energy savings. It can bring sufficient fresh air into your room so both you and your environment can stay healthy.Thus, roQar can be a smart solution to achieving a low-carbon home. Let us check out more about its design and functionality.

Design and construction

The roQar SmartWindow has a minimalistic design. Still, the device looks sleek, elegant, and aesthetic to fit well with any setup. It has a plastic body, with mildew-proof aluminum sheets in its heat exchanger.The device has two stepping open or close motors, as well as a driving motor. Its user interface has an LCD display and three input buttons. You can also connect it with the roQar app on your smartphone.It can communicate smoothly via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Further, the device has a built-in PM2.5 HEPA filter, as well as a primary filter to help in prolonging its life. Thus, you will not have to spend much on its maintenance. The device comes with several types of sensors for the detection of temperature, motion, carbon dioxide, dust, smell, infrared, noise, and luminance.

It also has a 3-axis accelerometer. It runs on a 100mAh lithium battery. While roQar has a weight of around 14 pounds, it is a compact piece that can easily fit near your room’s window. The roQar SmartWindow is available in textured silver and pearl white colors.

How roQar works to benefit you

roQar SmartWindow

The device operates in heat exchanging and free conditioning modes. While heat exchangingis used to repel most of the unwanted outside temperature, free conditioning is used to retain the useful part of it. It can displace your air conditioner if the outside temperature is usable, and thus, can save a lot of energy.

It keeps bringing in fresh air so it can replace the stale inside air. If you are outside your home, then it detects nomotion and concludes to turn off your AC and ventilation. On the other hand, roQar pre-conditions your room when you start approaching home.It also works on purifying the air better than any HVAC device. You can use it with any AC and at any place in your home.

The roQarSmartWindow acts on fresh outside air when it is usable and purifies it. This revolutionary device takes advantage of outside climate fluctuation, thus providing you fresh air with enough oxygen and energy savings.

Source : Kickstarter.Com