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Self-ventilating jacket helps Japanese combat heat in the power crisis

Air-Conditioned Clothing

Japanese company Kuchofuku which means “air-conditioned clothing” is known for producing self-ventilating products such as bed, cushion and other clothing. The idea struck to company’s President Hiroshi Ichigaya in early 1990s while trying to invent a more energy-efficient air-conditioner.

Japan has recently been suffering from many calamities such as earthquake and tsunami. Its Fukushima power plant was closed after this, while the government announced that it will reduce dependence on nuclear power. However, a large part of electricity needs of Japan is met by nuclear power itself. Japanese government has asked companies to curtail energy use by 15% to avoid blackouts. It seems like Kuchofuku coat has come to government as well as people rescue as it consumes much less electricity as compared to traditional air conditioning.
Air-Conditioned Clothing

Kuchofuku jacket sports two fans on its sides that allow air to circulate the inside of jacket, which in turn is insulated. These fans can be controlled to draw air at different speeds and thereby, decide the level of air-conditioning you need. The fans connect to a lithium-ion battery and last for about 11 hours on a single charge. All of this consumes only a fraction of the power consumed by conventional air conditioning Wearing the jacket will actually keep you cooler as 20 liters of air circulate inside your jacket every second.

Air-Conditioned Clothing

However, you’ll need to spend a considerable amount to buy this unique jacket that is priced at 11,000 yen ($140). The company is expecting to sell around 40,000 units of such air-conditioning products this year, which include jackets, cushions and other similar products. Currently, there are about 1,000 companies that are customers of Kuchofuku products. These include automobile factories, steel makers and construction firms. Such products have become more popular after Japan’s government plea to the public to save energy. This is surely one of the most creative and simple ways to remain “cool” in this scorching summer, as well as save electricity and reduce your bills.

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