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‘Vertical Earth Gardens’ relies on hydroponics to add green to your space

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Carlsbad-based Vertical Earth Gardens aims to bring some green to balconies, side yards, backyards, roofs, decks, frame patios and facades of your abodes. Founded in the spring of 2009, the company wishes to help the San Diego residents grow healthy food while fighting perennial drought problems and conserving environmental resource as well. Their gardening products in the vertical gardens not only save space, but also grow lettuce, herbs, and vegetables healthier and more efficiently than a traditional garden bed.

Founders Mark DeMitchell and Mike Tarzian – as they conceived their project – utilized hydroponics to deliver water to plants that uses 80% less water than traditional gardens. The patent pending design touts a detachable reservoir that recycles water and keeps it circulating through the system continuously. It also contains nutrients that are so necessary for speedy plant growth.

The self-supporting framework is mostly handmade. Be it a nursery, school, restaurant or home, the Vertical Earth Gardens deserves a place almost everywhere.

Here are some images from a wonderful anthology of green vertical gardens…

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[Thanks, Mark DeMitchell]

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