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Viessmann’s Survey Uncovers Just How Eco-friendly Brits Really Are

by Dr Prem Community Writer
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Whether it’s watching a news channel or reading a magazine article, we’re hearing more than ever about the changes we can make in our lives to create a better environment and reduce our carbon footprints. From eating less meat to avoiding the use of plastics, we’re frequently reminded about the simple changes we can implement in our lives; but how many Brits are actually following this important advice?

To uncover how eco-friendly we are as a nation, Viessmann carried out a survey which asked members of the population a series of eco questions. From bad eco-habits to those with good intentions, the survey aimed to collect a true insight into the behaviours of Brits when it comes to the environment and offsetting carbon.

How eco conscious are we as a nation?

eco conscious peopleAccording to Viessmann’s survey, it appears that the majority of Brits are aware of the climate changes happening around us, as 44% of people said they were ‘somewhat eco conscious’. At the top end of the scale, 14% of respondents believe they are ‘very eco conscious’ but unfortunately, not everyone has the same feelings towards the topic. After reading the data from the survey, 5% said they’re ‘not eco conscious at all’ and although this is only a small figure in comparison to the other answers, more needs to be done to lower this number even more.

What are some of the most common bad eco-habits?

One of the biggest changes we’re constantly being encouraged to make is to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we purchase and use. Although the message has never been clearer, it seems it may not be sinking in for a large portion of Brits. According to the survey, 36% of people admitted to purchasing single-use plastic products in the past week. When it comes to our bad food habits, 34% of respondents said they had thrown food away in the past week, whilst 28% admitted to eating red meat more than twice.

Are we a nation with good eco intentions?

good eco intentionsWe all know how easy it is to fall back into old habits but overall, it seems the majority of the nations do have good intentions when it comes to changing our eco habits. Half of the people surveyed said they ‘try to be as eco conscious as possible but sometimes forget’, with 19% saying they ‘have good intentions but often forget’. The most concerning figures revealed that 15% of people said they ‘feel guilty but are not fully willing or able to make lifestyle changes’, as well as 2% saying they do not care about the environment.

The survey results show that as a nation, we are trying our best to be as eco-friendly as possible and that overall, we are heading in the right direction. Although it’s only a small minority of people whose intentions aren’t as good as they should be, it’s important we all educate ourselves on the changes happening around us and how we can all do our bit to prevent them.

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