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Vuerich Brothers eyewear: Making spectacle frames from old skateboards

Recycled skateboard eyewear

There has been a massive transition that is going on in practically all industries and that is the need to create sustainable designs and ideas that we, as a responsible citizen, should adopt. Even in the world of fashionable eyewear, you can find a range of glasses made out of recycled material of various kinds. This is exactly what is happening at Vuerich Brothers, as they create innovative spectacle frames made out of old skateboards that strongly supports the cause for stopping deforestation as old wood can be treated and made as good as new!

The eyewear range by the Vuerich Brothers is very comfortable to wear as it is light and weighs anything between 25 and 30 grams only. Skateboards are used entirely for deriving the Canadian maple wood, which are known for their high flexibility and resistance qualities. The manufacturing process for these glasses is also simplified and therefore requires less energy. A lot of hard work and care is taken to sculpt the glass frame and arms of the glasses, leading to beautiful and colorful eyewear. In order to complement the product, its packaging is equally biodegradable, a perfect hinged wooden case.

The Vuerich eyewear is a great way of creating fashionable glasses out of old junk and helping to reduce our carbon footprint.