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Wabash Valley kids meet the recycling robot

curby the recycling robot 1

Seeing Curby, the recycling robot, talking to kids at Franklin Elementary School proved to be an exhilarating experience for them. The robot looked straight into their eyes, while blinking at times. The specially designed robot, actually a trash dispenser, nimbly spun around and sometimes, produced a siren-like noise. As a part of an environmental education program to observe the Earth Day/Arbor Day celebrations, TREES Inc. and Indiana State University’s Recycle Center exhibited this robot.

curby the recycling robot 2

Judy Hogan, vice president of TREES Inc., shed some light on the concept of recycling and went on to illustrate how some materials can be recycled, and why it’s more prudent to recycle than to create a new product. The first-grade and second-grade students were allowed to interact with the robot. Curby also let the kids to know about recyclable items, such as boxes, plastic pill bottles, soup cans and plastic water bottles.

Via: TribStar