Home Concepts Guide E-wall – An innovative example of the extraordinary service system design for your dream kitchen

E-wall – An innovative example of the extraordinary service system design for your dream kitchen

Does it get difficult for you to manage a busy household area like your kitchen with perfection in the activities conducted there? If yes, these regular kitchen management worries would just run away, now that the E-wall is here! E-wall is a specialized and exemplary energy-efficient kitchen system that has been created by Yulya Besplemennova, a talented product service system designer. Yulya has designed this three-dimensional system in the form of an electronic user interface that not only helps you get rid of unnecessary tensions while working in the kitchen, but also offers an environmentally safe and economic housing system that ensures a highly effective use of the energy and resources.


E-wall can make you experience the kind of kitchen that you would have just dreamed of. This whole system is built into your house wall and allows you its customization per your choices and preferences of colors and various combinations. This is a complicated inner system that itself appears on the wall when there is a user interface. Though all sorts of communications in a house require to be assembled in such blocks, the most important requirement is for the kitchen area where the processes are quite complex to be carried out, as well as the consumption of resources is largest. That is the reason E-wall has paid foremost attention to this area.

A kitchen’s all kinds of communications are assembled in just one block. You may simply select the kind of communication you would like to do and the work gets so smooth for you. There is an optimum utilization of resources while using this system as it minimizes the loss of any resource or energy by using a closed cycle. You would get proper storage and operational space within this system. E-wall would make you feel like you are never tired of your household chores!

Via: Coroflot