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War inspired furniture to be showcased in loving memory of a WW II battleship

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Commemorating the memories of World War II war vessel is the furniture designs by Brooklyn Design studio Uhuru. It’s a well known fact the wars have done no one good, and shall do no good in the coming future. But taking cue from them and basing them as the theme for furniture is a noble idea.

Uhuru’s idea caters to the concept of the first ever launched battleship USS North Carolina. The battleship fought every possible war and even has a war theme park in its memory. Of course, the boat has its own share of recollections to commemorate. Built in the 30’s, the memories have traveled long distances, shared by many, inspired a few and finally, formed the theme for amusement parks and fancy furniture.

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Swathed in black, white and brown, the furniture looks like a classy piece of decorative item. With sturdiness being its middle name, the designer table proves its own point. The large hole below the table top is a sign of modern warcraft, and simultaneously, a symbol of the modern war weapons used those days.

Effusing a sense of power and memories together, these themes have been creatively fused and created into the War Craft Collection and now proudly are being displayed from the 13-16th of May at the Noho Design District’s pop up in the American Design Building at Great Jones Lumber (45 Great Jones Street, New York, NY 10012).

Everyone is being welcomed with open arms to view the designer furniture and of course, you can feel free to buy them as per your décor and convenience.

Via: CoolHunting