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Warwick engineering undergrads to create human powered Submarine Shakespeare

by DrPrem Jagyasi


With each passing day, we’re witnessing researchers and scientists coming up with technological innovations with a sure aim to make our lives easier and greener than before. A mechanical shark powered by human power might be a reality by next year if the team working behind its creation gets proper funding to turn the dream into a reality. The young undergraduate team of University of Warwick comprising of eight students have come up with initial renderings and a prototype of a submarine dubbed HPS Shakespeare. This beast will enter the upcoming European International Submarine Race competition, which is scheduled to be held from 7th to 11th July 2014.

Cole Soutter, Ben Tomita, Hasan Bagash, Moyses Ferreira, Jamie Smith, Till Pinto, Jacky Wong and Richard Woodward have contributed under the guidance of Dr Ian Tuersley toward the creation of HPS Shakespeare. The team has collaborated with their competitors at Bath University so that they get mutual benefit. The Sub Aqua Society at the University of Warwick has been giving assistance in the diving principles. The primary aim of the team is to beat the record set by past champion Montreal Team of 8.09 miles per hour. In addition, they wish to bag the coveted additional prizes for top speed. The machine will be evaluated on three primary parameters: speed, design and performance. To squeeze out the best, students from various engineering background are working together on this project.

“Warwick’s engineering students have done very well in other, similar competitions in recent years and we are hoping for a good result with this as well,” claims Dr Ian Tuersley when asked about the performance of his students. Cole Soutter sums up their effort with a parting note of optimism, “We hope our entry emerges victorious in the race and in at least one of the award categories for speed, agility and innovation.”