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Water conservation tips for your bathroom

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Water is going scarce because hardly anybody is ready to take some time out and think of ways that can help save water. Water conservation is not a single person’s, or a particular group’s responsibility, rather everybody is responsible. Water wastage happens in numerous ways in your home but in this article,Dr Prem Jagyasi suggest some tips that will help you eliminate water wastage in your bathroom.


A woman cleans a bathroom toilet with a scrub brush.

Literally, toilets are water hogs in bathrooms that consume unnecessary amount of water every time you use them. This line perfectly suits the tradition toilets that used to consume around 9 liters of water per flush. Multiply 9 liters to a minimum number of times you flush in a day and you will realize how much water traditional toilets used to waste.

Fortunately, dual flush low flow toilets are available these days. They dual system comprises of two buttons, the half and the full flush. Depending upon your requirement, you can use a full or half flush, thus, saving a lot of water every time you use it.

Well, it would not be feasible for many of you to uproot traditional seats and fix modern eco-friendly seats in your bathroom but you can always use this trick to achieve the same benefits of a modern flush. Simply fill a plastic bottle with water and place the bottle in cistern.

Doing this will reduce the amount of water that fills cistern after every flush. Reduced water means reduced quantity of water goes with every flush. Make sure you keep checking for leaks, as the leakage is a common factor responsible for water wastage in bathrooms.

Shorter showers

sexy and happy young beautiful woman taking a shower

We all love enjoying hot long showers in our bathroom. However, some people forget about water wastage and keep wasting a lot of water by taking long showers. One must enjoy but there is no point of enjoyment that comes at a big cost, as in those long showers lead to tremendous water wastage.

Water wastage is bad for the environment and for your pocket, as the more water you consume, the higher bill you pay. Take short showers, as they also help you relax and that too without any guilt.

Low-flow showerhead

Low-flow showerhead

Shorter shower is one way and another is to install low-flow showerheads if you want to prevent water wastage in your bathroom. In comparison with the traditional showerheads, the modern low-flow showerheads are able to reduce water consumption by half if not more. They do cost more than the traditional showerheads, but this initial investment brings in great after effects in terms of water conservation and reduction in bills.


Beautiful young girl washes with clean water at early morning

Sink faucets also contribute a lot to water wastage in a bathroom if they are in a bad condition. For instance, the faucet is drippy and is a traditional one that wastes water if compared to low-flow modern faucets.

Leaky taps sometime people ignore because they fail to calculate and realize the quantity of water it can waste in a day. You must bring a change in your and your family member’s habits, such as turn off the tap while shaving or brushing your teeth.


closes the leakage of water

Ensure there is no leakage in the taps, and they are low flow taps. If not, you can fit an aerator to your tap that reduces the flow of water, thus, reducing water consumption by half. After taking these things into consideration, its time you bring change in your water consumption habits that can bring a considerable decrease in water wastage happening in your home.

A lot of water goes waste in bathroom’s every day. People must take it as their responsibility and work towards reducing water wastage in bathrooms.