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WaterGen introduces a machine that converts thin air to drinking water

by DrPrem Jagyasi
converts thin air to drinking water

Watergen, an Israeli company which deals in air to water technology, is going to bring the much needed unique solutions to the water problems in India. The technology is based on the simple concept which we have all gone through as children in our schools. The atmosphere is full of water vapor which are being evaporated from the water bodies. The vapor then turns back into water when the temperature is low enough. The company is working very innovatively and bringing out ideas to provide water solutions based on this concept.

The concept of the device


The Israeli company has signed a memorandum of understanding with Vikram Solar, a solar engineering firm in India, to carry on their unique task in the country. The machines built by the company create and harvest the process of condensation to the maximum possible extent. The water generators produced by the company are based on a system which funnels air in different directions using a set of ‘leaves’ that are made up of plastic. The water generators using this system create pure drinking water out of actually nothing. When air enters the product of the company, that is, the GENius heat exchanger system, it is dehumidified and then because of this process, the water which is removed from air is collected in a tank. The water collected is then taken through the water filtration system where all the chemical and microbiological contamination is cleaned up to create pure drinking water. The concept thus is to use minimum energy to create maximum water from air.

The device is more energy efficient

This is not the first kind of invention in itself, many other companies have also manufactured and sold atmospheric water generators before; but the unique feature which makes it different from the other companies is its energy efficiency. The company has made it in such a way that it extracts water from air very efficiently. The main idea of this water generator is to produce the maximum drinking water on per kilowatt of power consumed and the company has been successful in doing this. The system, depending on the humidity conditions and temperature, produces as much as 250-800 liters, that is, 65-210 gallons of water in a day, which is quite an appreciable result.

Use of the device

converts thin air to drinking water

The company is working to bring the technology in the areas which are in real need of drinkable tap water and the areas which are very humid and generally have a warm temperature. The system works the best in hot and humid areas, which is actually needed. In colder areas, the performance of the water generator is not that good. When the temperatures are high, the air has sufficient amount of water which could be extracted with the help of this machine, and the best results can be obtained. Currently, the company is going through the field tests in many cities like Shanghai, Mexico and Mumbai. The product will be commercially available very soon.

Use by the civilians

The company has primarily developed the water generator for the Israel Defense Forces and it has already been sold to the military forces in several countries. Now the company is keen on extending the innovative facility to the general population, which is in urgent need for clean drinking water. The innovation is very relevant for various countries like India which are actually suffering a lot because of severe water crisis in many areas. This product will provide sufficient and clean drinking water to many people who are waiting eagerly for the easy provision of water in their areas for several years. The system can be installed as a residential unit in the areas which are literally deprived of pure drinking water and this can serve as the perfect solution to this severe crisis.

Along with being an energy efficient system, this water generator is also a cost effective one. As opposed to the bottled water, which costs Rs 15 for a liter; this system will provide a liter of water for Rupees 1.5, which is very affordable. The basic motto of the company is to provide water to people who are deprived of this basic need. Very soon, the company will extend the area of its produce and it will be a boon to people affected badly by scarcity of water.