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Waterless Toilet turns human waste into compost

Waterless Toilet

Waterless toilet, designed by Oscar González Muñoz and Cristián Corcuera Coutiño, is an ultimate conception that not only seeks to reduce the volume of water that is used in flush tanks, but also finds a meaningful way to treat human waste and turn it into compost. The Waterless Toilet takes its inspiration from the toilets or pots that were used long back. Today’s toilet consumes almost 30 percent of the total water (around 13L every flush) used in a household. The Waterless Toilet not only minimizes usage of flushing water to an absolute zero, but also transforms the waste into organic composts that is free from pathogens.

A lot of the developing countries are dependent on fertilizers for boosting produce. However, if we manage to return to our roots and use compost, then a lot of synthetic fertilizers won’t find their way into the produce at all. The Waterless Toilet can be used for homes, apartments or any urban building as such. The mechanism of this toilet is quite simple as it separates liquid from solid waste and then goes on to drying or dehydrating the solid waste with the help of earth-lime in order to form an organic compost that is pathogen-free. The liquid waste that has been separated ends up going down the drain pipe where the grey water is treated. Undeniably, it’s an effortless job compared to the sewer!

The Waterless Toilet not only discourages water wastage, but is a treatment plant at the same time which transforms human waste into beneficial compost and can also be used in places that do not have a sewage system in place. Truly a green idea that can be used by the masses!

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