Seven ways to conserve energy at home

Save energy at home

Everyone is aware about energy. But do you know what you will get if you save energy? You will save your money, reduce the demand for fossil fuels which are limited and takes year to form like coal, oil and natural gas. When there is less fuel burning, there is less emission of carbon dioxide. Ultimately, you make your environment free from harmful gases, and global warming. Conserving energy is not an issue. Challenging job is how to conserve energy. There are a number of ways to conserve energy. You should start it first from your home. Many will be surprised by this, but it is fact that most of the energy can be saved at home. There are many electrical appliances which increase your electricity bill but on the other side they also help you to reduce your bill up to considerable amount. You just have to be smart to save energy by simple tips. There are some tips by which you can save most of the energy. Let’s see how you can do this smartly and efficiently.

1.Lighting :

Nowadays, everyone uses different styles of bulbs, fans, and other designer lantern to decorate and lighten their home. But unnecessary lighting can increase your light bill. Turn off lights when you are not using them. During day time, try to do your work in natural light. Open windows so that sunlight can enter home. Use compact fluorescent bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs as they are four times more energy efficient. They will illuminate your room as well as cut your electricity bills. Avoid illuminating complete room to do a particular work. Try to use table lamps when studying, reading, or doing any particular work. Turn off electrical appliances when not in use. Remove their chord from socket when you are not using them. Use microwave ovens instead of conventional ovens. Use moderate flame of Gas stove to cook food. Microwave oven saves up to 20% of energy.

2.Refrigerator :

Do not leave open the door of refrigerator unnecessarily. Regularly defrost your refrigerator and freezers can save a large amount of energy and cut your electricity bills. Frost increases the amount of energy which is needed to keep the motor running. Try not to put warm or hot food items directly in refrigerator. First, let their temperature come to room temperature and then keeps them in refrigerator. This will saves energy which is needed to cool the food items.

3.Washing Machines: Washing machines can also save a considerable amount of energy. Use optimal amount of water. Use detergent in correct quantity. Read labels on detergent packs for quantity help. Use hot water only in case of dirty clothes. In case of summer season, avoid electric dryers. Prefer natural drying. Try to use washing machines for bed sheets, curtains etc. For clothes like shirts, pants, other smaller garments, try to wash them by hand or try to avoid washing machines daily. Use them once or twice a week.

4.Air Conditioners: Air conditioners are used in almost every home. Prefer to use only those air conditioners which have automatic temperature cut off. Keep their regulators at low position. Try to fix your AC in shade. This will save more energy.

5.Computers: If there is a computer in your home, you can save a considerable amount of energy by just switching off its monitor. If there is a need to leave the computer ON, switch off its monitor. Try to shut down the computer when not in use or keep them in sleep mode. This will helps you to save approx 40% of energy.

6.Electric Iron: Use electric iron with automatic cut off function. Try not to iron wet clothes. Keep the position of regulator according to type of cloth you iron. Avoid sprinkle water on clothes when iron. Try to iron them when they are not completely dried.

7.Reuse water: Try to reuse water. Water you used for dishwashing or warm water coming out of tap which is wasted always can be used to water plants. Make rain water harvesting system arrangement in your home so that rain water can be saved and can be used for many purposes. Install solar panel at your home to warm the water using solar energy. This will cut your electricity bill. Try to wash your vehicles using bucket not by pipes. This will save water. Use cleaner in appropriate amount. This will save water which is used to wash.

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