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Ways to Make Your Laundry Clean and Green

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Have you ever given it a thought that your laundry load is actually a load on the environment too? Yes, it can create a large impact. According to some studies, only washing and drying our laundry contributes as much as 80 percent of the impact of our clothing lifecycle. This means that we can do a lot to reduce this impact on our environment by making our laundry green. Let us see what all can be done in this regard.

Do less and wear more

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This simply asks to cut down on your laundry itself by wearing your clothes more than once. Leaving the essentials, other items can be used two-three times before they go for a wash. This may not only save huge amounts of water and detergent, but may also reduce the consumption of energy that goes into washing clothes.

Use cold water

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Heating water every time for a wash may charge a good amount of energy. You can do energy savings by using cold water instead or at least reducing your use of hot water to wash clothes.

Use green detergent

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Phosphates in regular soaps and laundry detergents can go down the drain when you wash clothes. These drains end up in aquatic ecosystems that are spoiled by phosphates. In fact, these are also harmful for you and your clothes. Thus, it is better to replace your conventional detergents with eco-friendly detergents. Before buying, check that a detergent is phosphate-free and biodegradable. It should also be made of plant-based ingredients.

Use an energy-efficient washing machine

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Modern front-loading washing machines consume much less water as compared to top-loading machines. Always check the Energy Star logo when you go to buy a new washing machine. Such machines are greener and save your energy costs as well. If your old machine consumes 40 gallons of water per load, then an Energy Star machine would consume an average of 20 gallons per load.

Wash full loads

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Instead of smaller loads, try washing full loads, as this will save your laundry costs. You may also try to skip a load during the week if you do multiple loads. In case you do not have a full load, then choose a suitable load-size selector option, if available. This will save water while washing.

Dry out in sunlight

clothes in sunlight

Make use of free natural resources and avoid drying your laundry in the dryer. Dryers cause a significant amount of pollution in the environment by emitting carbon dioxide. Dryers also consume a huge amount of energy to dry your clothes. If you do not need your clothes instantly dried up, then try avoiding dryers. This can provide an added benefit of avoiding wear and tear of your clothes.

Avoid ironing when possible

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Ironing not only takes time and efforts, but also consumes energy to straighten out your clothes. Try avoiding ironing on clothes that may not need it. If you simply hang them up for drying, then you can avoid their crushed look. Proper folding of clothes can also eliminate the need of ironing.


Making your laundry greener is very essential to reduce your carbon footprint. Using an eco-friendly detergent or energy-efficient washer can significantly add up to your efforts to save the environment.