Seven ways to recycle old bicycles

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

Cycle is the humblest mode of transportation available in the world. No need of fuel, no servicing, can go through any narrow lane. Above all, by cycling you can make your body fit and healthy. The list of advantages of using cycle is endless. But, when it becomes old, rusted and all ruined cycles that it no longer fits our purpose, we dump them in to the trash. But, metal is a non bio-degradable object. Well, surely it can be melted and recycled and hence reduce the environmental impact. What about recycling it with a different approach and giving it an artistic touch. So, are you ready to unleash the craftsman within you? If so, dive through this article and find out how bicycles have been recycled in a more unique way.

1. Christmas tree made of recycled bicycles

This was made by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects of London. They erected a complete Christmas tree us the metallic frame and wheels of old cycles. This tree can be seen standing tall at Bermondsey Square. Their efforts were supported by another non-profitable organization Recycle, who provides recycled bicycles to grief-stricken Africa. David Roberts says that with this design, they are trying to pass on the importance of cycling to the Britain’s, so that sustainable development can be ensued. The spectators were indeed baffled at the first sight of the strange sculpture. Another motive was to highlight the efforts done by Recycle for Africa. The readers are urged to find out more about this organization and do their part to help Africans.

2. Michael Martins Bike-Part-Art Creations

This is surely the living example of the creator within humans. Michael Martins have made many artistic objects, worth enough to be kept on the front table. You can be proud of it as well. Ranging from table lamps to an array of lighting solutions, the humble metal on wheels has been marvelously transformed into magnum opus.

3. Recycle that Bicycle

Getting a step even ahead of Micheal Martins, Andy Gregg has made designer furniture from the parts of old bicycles. For this purpose, he has set up the Bike Furniture Design at Marquette, Michigan USA. A variety of furniture is made here using the parts of cycles. This is surely a heaven for the old cycles. The old, worn out cycles gets resurrected into spectacular products at the end of the line.

4. Light fixtures from old cycle rims and chains

It looks like there are a lot of artists around there. This one is yet another proof of this statement. Carolina Fontoura is another name seen in the hall of fame. She makes innovative chandeliers using the old cycle rims as fixtures. The chains hanging alongside are not gold or chrome, its polished cycle chain! Thus, the entire cycle got a new, royal look.

5. Someone Planted a Bicycle Garden in Queens

Are you ready for a visit to wonderland? Yes, you heard right, it’s the same place visited by Alice. But, not exactly a wonderland, it’s the same land where you thrive in. But, something has been done that can make you wonder. The picture above shows a bicycle garden, built by a group of people, claiming to be members of Recycle-a-Bicycle program. This garden is set up under the 59th Street Bridge.

6. How to Recycle an old Bicycle into a Christmas Reindeer

Who told that you have to go all the way to North Pole to see a Reindeer? Why not make one yourself. Yes, this is what the above picture shows. Not able to believe your eyes? This is a reality and true specimen of artistic skills. A reindeer completely made of recycled cycle parts. It can be your front gate decoration as well.

7. Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

It seems people have taken the concept of time rather seriously. This can be seen from the nature of the clock made by the artist. A clock made from old wheels. Now, whenever you will look up at your clock, the clock will tell you about its past. A nostalgic time machine!

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