Seven ways to reuse plastic soda bottles and save money

Recycled Plastic Bottle Gardening

Recycling the plastic products is a most efficient way to cut-down the money and carbon emission. Especially the plastic soda bottles which are used in huge number by the people. Most interesting thing in reusing the plastic bottles is, it can be easily recycled and reused at home and it can be used for various purposes. It reduces our expenses and pollution. Let us see 7 ways to reuse plastic soda bottles.

Recycled plastic bottle gardening

This is the most common method of reusing the bottles. It is mostly used for growing food grains and for growing small plants in urban areas. Even you can make a garden using bottle plants, since it is easy, it used by urban households. We can place it any where in the home and also we can make some decoration to make it look good. It is also easy, as it just needs a cut in the bottle to grow plants. So no need to buy a pot.

Festive patio lighting

Another most common method of reusing the bottles is “Lighting”. It will look more beautiful and colorful during Christmas. Just insert two or three LEDs into the bottle opening and fix it on the roof or Christmas tree or door. Just take a dozen bottles and fix it together for more light. Definitely it will save up to $50 during Christmas or any celebrations.

Water your plants

If you have a small garden in your home then this is the best money saving way to reuse the bottle. You can make a automatic or manual watering can using the empty bottles. Just make a spike at the opening and use it for watering. If you fix the bottle in a holder then it will water the small plants automatically. It will save around $ 25.

Workout weights

One of the innovative way to use the bottle is using it as a Workout Weight. Just fill the bottle with sand and seal the bottle cap using tape. 1 liter soda bottle is equal to 2.5 pound weight. It will save $10 for 1 liter bottle and also it can be used to practice juggling. One main thing is you have to choose the right shape for this use, as soda bottles have different shape.


Few soda bottles like Poland spring will have a juicer like bottom, so it can be used as a orange juicer. Just cut down the bottle at the bottom and tape the outer surface to make it more stiff or else you can use it without tap. You have to choose a bottle with large bottom and juicer cone shaped bottom. Scott Amron designed this juicer and also made it for sale at $ 6.5. It is easy to clean and pour the juice without wasting. It will save from $ 5 to $ 10 in your expenses.

Disposable cup dispenser & storing

Another way of reusing is Disposable cup dispenser. Cut both ends of the narrow bottle and put disposable cups or tumblers. Choose the right bottle based on the cup size and make few adjustments, so that cups can fit into it. This idea will space some space in you cupboard. Also you can use these bottles for storage purposes. For storing home made ingredients, cleaning liquids or oil. Also by making a cut at the bottom of flat bottle bottomed bottle to store nuts or to keep any products while cooking.

Bottle bowling set

Easiest way to reuse the bottles without making any cut is bowling set. Just clean the bottles and fill little bit of sand or water, so that it wont fall for wind and you can use it for playing bowling set at home. you need at least need 10 bottles (if similar bottles means if will look good) to make a bowling set. Definitely kids will love this set and also it saves lot of money.

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