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Ways to power your home with renewable energy

by DrPrem Jagyasi
Solar panel

The costs of energy are among the highest most people will pay in their lives, especially when it comes to the family home. Fortunately, with advances in technology leading to great advances in the field of home automation, we can also create new ways of harnessing and using energy, which are both more efficient and less expensive (the corresponding drop in carbon footprint is something, which many people also find desirable).

One of the most common ways to reduce energy needs is by using linear actuators. Actuator manufacturers sell their actuators to people who require them for various automated processes, which either require small amounts of energy or which are in difficult spaces for other equipment to fit into. Linear actuators are very energy-friendly because of several different factors: one, they do not use much energy in the first place – they work by converting energy which has already been created, not by doing anything which requires energy in and of itself; two, they are quite resistant to wear, and do not need to be replaced very often, thus cutting down on overall cost.

Because of the advances in technology, renewable energy is something which is in reach for everyone should they choose to use it or not. The types of renewable energy can also vary depending on what is most convenient for the homeowner, and what they need. 

Wind Turbines

wind turbine for home

Wind turbines are perhaps a controversial form of renewable energy, but they are undoubtedly a part of the industry, which is the fastest growing. Wind turbines have been around for a while as part of our desire to get renewable energy; however, the inclusion of feedback actuator provides them with the increasing levels of recognition that they are enjoying today.

Wind turbines work by producing energy from wind-enabled movement and funnelling it down into whatever appliances are in need of energy. The obvious weakness is that they require wind to properly work, and the set-up allows energy to be saved for these times.

Solar Panels

Solar panel

Solar panels are pieces of equipment, which are recognisable on any level. They are usually mounted on roofs, to get the maximum amount of sunlight, aside from being installed on grass or on level ground of any kind.

Linear actuators are now a regular component of solar panels too, and they help increase their range of movement and thereby the amount of energy they can gather in a day. Where before the solar panels were always fixed in position, linear actuators allow for them to adjust their positions to follow the sun, therefore soaking up more energy than they could otherwise get. The precision of linear actuators in particular is useful here. 

Solar Ovens

solar oven

People who do not wish to take on the huge project can find solace in carrying out smaller projects. Solar ovens are one such project, and they are particularly popular as ovens take a lot of energy to run.

A solar oven is an oven, which is specifically designed and rigged up to function on solar power, with all the accoutrements that come with that.

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