Ways you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint

We human beings sometimes knowingly and the other times unknowingly increase our carbon footprint. Sometimes it is hard to ignore it but many a times we can actually do a lot to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bit to sustain the environment. Here we have shortlisted some ways and some green we all must get the hang of and help sustain the goodness of environment.

Reducing carbon footprint radically with these actions

Stop wasting energy

Woman Adjusting Thermostat On Central Heating Control

Take it as your responsibility to ensure not even the least of energy wastage takes place at your home, office and surroundings. Use as much electricity that satisfies your basic demand, turn off the appliances right after you are done using them, and properly insulate your homes so that your home requires lesser electricity to maintain the correct temperature.

Make sure no water wastage takes place in your home. Check all water fittings and repair any leakages taking place on time. Teach your kids healthy water conservation habits, and ensure all family members follow such practices regularly. Keep these things in mind while using water or electricity in office also.

Bring solar and wind energy into use


Technological advancements and innovations have made our lives much easier and they are helping us to make our lives greener as well. We are mentioning the great innovations like solar panels and windmills, which are adept at reducing our carbon footprint. You should install solar panels that provide solar electricity and solar water supply, which enables users to reduce their dependency upon the non-renewable sources of energy.

Green transportation

Woman walking in crosswalk in city

You do not realize but every round you take in your car contributes a lot to the air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. You need to bring a change in your lifestyle, as in prefer walking, especially when it is a short distance you have to cover. Plan your shopping and avoid driving to the mall for buying a small number of things, or go for a pool ride. This will not only be beneficial for the environment but for you as well, as it will save your money.

Green gadgets that help reduce carbon footprint

The Boa Water Pebble

The Water Pebble

Place the Boa Water Pebble on the shower drain and it will work as your shower guide. The blinking light pattern is designed to tell you when it is time to turn off the shower and do your bit to conserve water.

Fabrik [re]Drive

Fabrik [re]Drive

The Fabrik USB hard drive claims that it is the greenest hard drive you can find. It uses 90 percent lesser electricity as compared to other hard drives. Its enclosure is made of recycled aluminum and bamboo veneer has been used in its making.

Solar-Powered Curtains

Solar-Powered Curtains

Here is a new and an eco-friendly version of electronic curtains, the solar-powered curtains. This thin fabric-like solar panel can be placed behind a curtain, where it absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity. The rechargeable batteries attached to the curtains store the energy and use it whenever it is asked to.


SolPro is a portable solar charger,

You charge so many gadgets everyday using electricity, that too you cannot do it on the go. Here is a super smart charger that allows you to make your every day charging a green activity and you can do it anywhere you want.

Solpro, a solar charger that takes about 90 minutes to charge itself in the sun, and thereafter you can use it to charge your Smartphone, MP3 player, laptop or any gadget you have. It is a small and a powerful design that makes it easy for you to carry it along.

If are willing to decrease your carbon footprint, you can take help of a number of green gadgets and some green lifestyle changes to do so.

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