What are the 5 Principles of Zero Waste?

Principles of Zero Waste

Reducing waste has become a big part of American culture, especially with trillions of everyday essentials that we use going into our oceans. It may seem complicated, if not impossible, to reduce waste nowadays. And, if you search the internet, you will find many zero waste tips to follow. But, what it comes down to is five principles to help you reduce your waste intake and improve the state of the planet. The five principles come down to the five R’s to follow. Let’s discuss further Principles of Zero Waste.

The 5 R Principles of Zero Waste

The five R’s may sound like they cannot do anything to help the planet, but following these five rules can help tremendously in saving the Earth, one person at a time.

1.    Refuse

Refusing materials and items that you do not need may be hard at first, but it can feel liberating after a while. After all, if you do not need something, then why buy it. This step can help reduce waste and put money back into your wallet. There are a few things you want to refuse. One thing to deny is fast fashion. If you can avoid buying new clothes and buy second-hand or used clothes, it is better for the planet. You can buy second-hand clothes from thrift shops or places like Goodwill. Next, you want to refuse as many plastics as you can, except what is essential. This can save the ocean and help our marine life out. Lastly, if you can, try to refuse disposables like to-go containers, plastic utensils, and plastic shopping bags. This will also help.

2.    Reduce

Reducing goes hand in hand with the step above. You can reduce by refusing what you do not need, but there are ways to reduce your carbon footprint, as well. You can reduce by not using your car unless you need to and instead ride a bike or walk to places that are nearby. You can also reduce by refraining from shopping sprees where you buy a lot of items that you do not necessarily need.

3.    Reuse 

Reusing and repairing is a great way to improve the planet. You can reuse or repair clothing that has been worn out by patching or sewing up any holes in them. Another way to reuse is by bringing reusable shopping bags into the store and using reusable water bottles. And, instead of taking that to-go box with you, bring your own reusable containers. You will feel ten times better about yourself by using these tips.

4.    Recycle

You were probably wondering when this was going to show up! Recycling is a great way to reduce waste. You can recycle plastics, paper items like newspapers and magazines, glass, cardboard, tin cans, aluminum cans, and steel cans. Recycling helps to keep our planet green and helps with the other Rs by reducing and reusing.

5.    Rot

Rot or compost is a great way to reduce waste that would eventually end up in landfills. Composting consists of putting those extra scraps of food that would usually go in the trash, like the ends of asparagus, and putting them in a bin, where they will eventually go into the ground and be repurposed.

A final note on Principles of Zero Waste

We all want to do things that help our planet. By taking action today, you can help to reduce waste and your carbon footprint to help make a better planet for future generations.

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