What Is The Best R-22 Alternative Refrigerant Available Today?

R-22 Alternative Refrigerant

R-22 or Freon is the most common refrigerant used in the HVAC and refrigeration industry. The substance is energy-efficient and compatible with a host of HVAC devices out there. But R22 was found to be damaging to the environment in the late 1980s.

The Montreal Protocol was implemented to phase out substances that deplete the ozone layer of the plant and R22 is one of these substances. The phase-out was implemented in several stages – which began in 2010. The cost of R22 increased exponentially with the phasing out of the refrigerant coming into effect in 2010.

Restrictions imposed by the Federal Government

R-22 Alternative RefrigerantThe Federal Government placed tougher import and production restrictions on R22 in 2015. In fact, the price of the refrigerant further increased as a result. The final stage of the phase-out is to be completed in 2020 where no more R22 will be manufactured or imported even to service the existing HVAC units. That is why it is important to learn about the best R22 alternative refrigerant on the market today.

It is not easy to choose an alternative refrigerant

This article provides information on the best R-22 alternative refrigerant on the market today. With so many alternative refrigerants on the market today from www.bluonenergy.com, choosing the best alternative may not be an easy task. You should be doing your homework properly before opting for the best replacement refrigerant for R22 – which will be completely phased out by 2020.

R410A – a better alternate to the R-22

Puron or R410A has been touted by many HVAC experts as one of the best alternatives to R22. The latest studies and statistics suggest the superiority of Puron or R410A compared to the other alternative refrigerants on the market. The most important benefit of R410A is that it doesn’t damage the ozone layer of the planet similar to R22. In fact, R410A is eco-friendly and energy efficient at the same time. That is why a majority of HVAC experts recommend Puron as the best alternative refrigerant to R22.

Benefits of using Puron or R410A

Puron was introduced to the HVAC industry in 1996. That was after global concerns over the protection of the ozone layer of the planet. Since then, the majority of HVAC experts have been using this refrigerant in HVAC devices.

An eco-friendly option

R-22 Alternative Refrigerant

In fact, millions of American households have been safely using Puron for a few decades without any issues. The refrigerant doesn’t emit any chemicals that damage the ozone layer of the planet. Hence, the refrigerant is environmentally friendly compared to many other alternative substances on the market.

Non-Flammable refrigerant

On the other hand, Puron is a non-flammable refrigerant. You don’t have to worry about any flammable hazards when the HVAC system is functioning due to this reason. That is why R401A is more popular as an alternative refrigerant on the market today.

Refrigerant leaks can damage the HVAC equipment because most of the refrigerants used before the arrival of Puron were corrosive. But Puron is a non-corrosive refrigerant. That way you don’t have to worry about any damages to the casing and tubing of your HVAC units when you use R410A in your HVAC systems.

Compatible with different tubing materials

On the other hand, Puron can be easily used steel, brass or copper tubing. This makes the refrigerant an ideal option for many types of HVAC systems on the market today. But the substance is not compatible with older units – which operate on a low pressure. That is why you cannot replace R22 with R410A without making the necessary structural adjustments in the HVAC system.

Safe for your home

R22 releases certain toxic chemicals into the air while it cools your home. But Puron is one of the safest and non-toxic refrigerants on the market today. In fact, R410A is considered the safest air quality option for your home. But you shouldn’t touch the system without gloves on while it is working.

A low cost option

R-22 Alternative Refrigerant

The refrigerant is inexpensive compared to most of the other alternative refrigerants on the market. It is a low-cost option for your HVAC unit. The installation cost is quite low compared to other alternative refrigerants in the industry today. The substance itself is moderately priced.

A design that is ideal for high pressure environments

R401A thrives in high-pressure environments. In fact, the refrigerant is designed to deliver maximum cooling quickly. Hence, the substance is more effective in high-pressure HVAC systems. As a homeowner, you can depend on this substance to deliver cool air very effectively and quickly. That is why you need to shift to this alternative refrigerant on the market today.

Puron VS R-22

HVAC systems that use Puron are much more energy efficient and quieter compared to other units. You will barely notice the sound of the HVAC unit. Since Puron creates a cooler environment in your home quickly, you can easily lower your energy bills in the process. The refrigerant is the best option available on the market if you plan to lower your energy bills over time.

Today, homeowners who are using R22 HVAC units are running out of options with the rise in the cost of R22. In fact, R22 has become one of the most expensive refrigerants on the market today with the phasing out of the substance. That is why you need to shift to an alternative refrigerant such as Puron or R410A. You will save a lot of money by making the conversion without further delay.

A concluding note

There are two options available to the average homeowner today. In case you have an old HVAC unit that uses R22 as the refrigerant, you should consider replacing the entire unit with an energy efficient system that uses Puron.

In case you don’t have the financial resources to replace the entire HVAC system, you can convert the old unit to operate with Puron. You may need to change the coils and condensers of the old unit to make it operate with Puron. This option may be much cheaper than replacing the entire HVAC unit- which needs a bigger upfront cost. These are important things that you need to consider if you have an old HVAC system that operates on R22.

R22 will be completely phased out in January 2020. You should opt for an alternative refrigerant before the deadline.

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