What is the Cheapest Fence to Build?

What is the Cheapest Fence to Build

Fences are synonymous with most homes as they provide security and privacy. For some, it can also be a form of experiencing themselves through art and decorations. The truth is, building a fence can be an expensive affair. You will get a pretty massive bill with your factor in the size, the kind of fence, permits, and actual labor costs. Well, there are ways to build a cheaper fence.

The cheapest materials you can build your fence with include wood, corrugated metal, chain link, split rail, and bamboo fences. But materials aren’t the only factor in the cost of building a fence.

Before jumping into that, let’s see what really affects the cost of building a fence; 

1. Materials

This goes without saying that the material you use to build your fence will have a significant bearing on the overall costs. Wood is often seen as a cheap option, but the style and type of wood can drive up the price. Bamboos are also affordable, with concrete and composite fences being some of the most expensive materials. 

2. Height

How tall do you want your fences to be? Of course, if you want a security fence, 8 feet tall will be acceptable, while the front yard decorative fences should be around 4 ft tall. But a standard fence stands at about 6ft tall. 

3. Slope of land

Did you know that uneven land costs more to install a fence? Well, the argument is, the more preparation work the installer has to do, the more the costs. So, if your yard is uneven or terrain is sure to pay more.

4. Gate

It’s cheap to install a straight fence with no accessibility. But since you want to access your property or backyard, you must install a gate that only drives up the costs. 

Other factors that affect the overall costs

The other factors that will have a bearing on the cost of the fence include; permits from the local authorities, location of the property, professional fence installers versus doing it yourself, and style. Other works like tree removal, removing old fences to install new ones, and painting over the unique fences will have a considerable bearing on the final installation costs. It’s prudent to have a slightly higher budget than what you get on the quote to cover up any miscellaneous fees. 

The cheapest materials to build a fence

There are lots of materials that you can use to make your fence without breaking the bank. Here are some of the most notable ones; 

1. Vinyl fences

Historically, vinyl fences have always had a bad vibe due it what most people thought as bad looks. But with improvement in materials and availability of more options, vinyl fences are becoming a go-to option for many homeowners looking to build strong fences. Vinyl is easier to install, and the modern material is now lasting a good while. On top of all that, the material is not attacked by termites, unlike wood, and the overall cost of installing vinyl fences ranges from $6 to $9 per foot.

2. Wooden fences

Since time immemorial, wooden fences have been a part of fences for many around the world. Thanks to the availability of wood in almost all parts of the world, the fences make an excellent place to start. There is a lot of variety and taste in wood, which makes for a good creative material to have. Wood is straightforward to install, and the materials are not highly priced, making it one of the cheapest fences to install. The difference in costs can come from the installer, type of wood, and type of fence you want to install. But since you can do it yourself, wooden fences continue to be the cheapest forms of fences you can install. Be cautious, though, as wooden fences are susceptible to termites and other pests, so you might need to treat the fences once in a while or before installing. The insecticides will drive up the costs, but it will still be within a reasonable price range.

3. Bamboo fences

Here is a material that is both cheap and gives you a chance to do some decorative works. Bamboo is easily accessible in most parts of the world and makes for some classy and good-looking fences. It’s very affordable, and its all-weather capabilities make it a durable option. Expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $5 for a basic bamboo fence and if you want a more sophisticated look, prepare anywhere from $9 to $14. The cost can also go up depending on your installer, availability of bamboo in your area, and additional materials. But other than that, the bamboos make for a good and cheap fence option.

4. Living fences

Are you looking to go full eco-friendly mode? Well, there are living fences that can help you with your quest. Living fences are cheap to install and require maintenance once in a while. All you need are the services of your local landscaping company, and you can use the fences to shape creative art pieces on your fence. All you need is about $1 to $2 per foot, and with plants like Boxwood and Privet, you will be good to go.

5. Chicken wire

Here is probably one of the cheapest fences you can ever install. With costs per linear foot going below $1, there is so much you can save with these fences. They probably need wood support which can somewhat increase the overall costs and give you a chance to get creative with the fence. Since they are very thin, they make a good backyard fence.

6. Barbed wire

Barbed wire is one of the most common fences around the world. Not only is it cheap to install, but it also does not require much maintenance afterward and can go well with other forms of fences like hedges. You will still require wood to support the fences, but it will not cost you that much. They are perfect for security fences and can be for large properties.

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