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What Kind of Jobs can You Look for with a Bachelors of Science in Biology?

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Biology is the study of life. It involves exploring the function, growth, and development of living organisms. The main focus of biology is understanding evolution and the cells and genes that act as the building blocks of our physical world.

Man with gloves working with tomato in genetic engineering laboratory. GMO food concept.

This discipline is subdivided into multiple categories and includes specializations ranging from cellular to molecular biology and botany. After choosing biology degrees in PA, or pretty much any state, there are a number of potential career paths you can go down.

The field of science and computers overlap and it is likely that you would have spent a lot of time using computing power for running experiments and analyzing results. Whether it is the basic input of data, word processing or software, having computer knowledge and being familiar with technology is a necessity if you want to get a job in any biology-related field. It can also prove to be quite useful if you are planning on moving in a different direction post-graduation.

Here are a few options you will have on completing a bachelor’s of science in biology:

Biologist Technician (average pay: $37,000)

A Liquid Nitrogen bank containing suspension of stem cells. Cell culture for the biomedical diagnostic.

Working as biologist technician will let graduates apply almost all of the skills they have learned during their undergraduate education. Their chief responsibility will be to conduct tests and experiments while analyzing data. They will be working along with a team of technicians who will all report to a biologist. This work usually takes place in a university, the pharmaceutical industry, at healthcare providers or in the research & development department of an institution.

Working in these full-fledged labs requires recent graduates to apply all their knowledge regarding testing procedures while paying strict attention to detail and working efficiently as part of a team. Even though you are going to report to a senior biologist, these positions usually are stable and offer enough room for enhancement in the long run.

Conservation Scientist (average pay: $62,000)

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There is no hiding the fact that humans, as a species are using up natural resources at a much faster rate than they are being replenished. It is important that we try and find new ways of using our resources with more efficiency.

Conservation scientists play a very important role in the future of the human race and this is a position that is very well suited for recently biology graduates. You will be working along with government agencies most of the time and will be spending a lot of time in remote locations, like national parks, collecting samples.

You may be employed at these locations for performing analysis after natural disasters and then taking your findings to the lab. If you had fun performing experiments when you were a biology student, and are itching to apply these skills outside the classroom, then a job as a conservation scientist will be the perfect fit for you.

Nutritionist (average pay: $45,000)

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Heart disease is one of the top killers in the country and obesity is an ever prevalent issue. This means that jobs in nutrition are on the rise and can be an excellent choice for any biology graduate. Applying all the scientific knowledge about the human body and the environment, nutritionists can educate people regarding the food they are eating and how it can impact their body as well as the ecosystem and community.

Nutritionists may choose to be self-employed but there are certain positions which will require additional certifications and may even require post-graduate study. If you choose this career, be ready to go all the way.

Some of the other possible career choices for biology graduates are:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Botany
  • Agriculture
  • Genetics
  • Research Assistant



The most important thing for a biology student to do is to gain as much lab exposure as possible during their education period. Showing potential employers that you have spent a lot of time with lab equipment can increase your chances of getting a job substantially. You could also consider picking up a lab internship(s) in the private or public sector. This will all look good when potential employers are on campus looking for new employees.

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