What Services Do Dispatching Companies Offer?

Dispatching Companies Offer

Dispatching companies carry out the transportation of goods, people, animals, and various products. Most often, the main office has competent specialists who coordinate the work of trucks and drivers. Here, the truck dispatcher should also control all bills and payments, fleet technical support, driver salaries, solve various emergencies.

Basic Services of Dispatching Companies

Large and small dispatching track organizations follow the same work plans. Dispatchers can operate from a central office or remotely. Companies offer a certain set of services to quickly send cargo from one point to another.

1. Choosing a Suitable Vehicle

Suitable Vehicle

Small companies may have a fleet of certain truck types. Large dispatching corporations offer customers a choice – for all types of cargo. Transportation of chemicals is carried out in specialized tanks with temperature regimes. If you need to send antiques, tell the dispatcher and it will be a different type of transport.

2. Arrangements with Departure and Delivery Points

Cargo that is sent from one point to another can be picked up from a warehouse, enterprise, specialized storage facilities, laboratories, factories, and more. The company agrees with these objects so that the truck arrives on time and there is no overlap with:

  • time;
  • receipt of goods;
  • documents, and more.

3. Collecting of the Necessary Documents

Necessary Documents

The dispatching company deals with all the documentation that is needed to accept or send the goods. This is dispatcher work for accompanying documents, permits, taxes, paperwork for crossing borders between countries, and more. Also, here you need to take into account the current costs of maintaining the cargo, possible fines, and so on.

Dispatching companies as Logity Dispatch are looking for new clients, agree on the transportation of goods, draw up schedules and reports. All the reputable firms take all the financial and documentary aspects to send and receive cargo between towns and countries.

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