When flowers, food become amazing pieces of art

Portraits made of fruits, flowers and vegetables
Klaus Enrique Gerdes is a New York-based photographer who specializes in corporate and actor headshots – and is amongst the best in this field. Klaus has also done a series of headshots with by creating portraits by using natural things such as flowers, fruits and vegetables – switching from human headshots to a ‘green’ muse. However, one look at his ‘green’ portraits and you can easily see that they are inspired from the art works of the Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who in the16th century was well known for painting portrait heads that were composed out of various things such as fish, flowers, vegetables, fruits, books, etc. Klaus has recreated some of the very popular paintings of Arcimboldo – namely, ‘Spring’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Vortumnus’ – giving them a new and refreshing look from the originals.

Portraits made of fruits, flowers and vegetable2
However, Klaus’ work of art is quite different from that of Arcimboldo – (who used his imagination and a paintbrush to draw out his art) as the former first puts together his portrait physically and then shoots it. It is remarkable to see how Klaus has used a mix of all the beautiful and natural colors and put them together into a perfect portrait shot. A lot of hard work must have gone into the making of the head, the intricate detailing, the balancing out of color to perfection. The outcome is there for us to see – beautiful portrait headshots that are created and then captured on film artistically. Klaus’ work is a brilliant way to showcase how creativity when merged with nature can produce some of the most astounding pieces of art!

Portraits made of fruits, flowers and vegetable3

Portraits made of fruits, flowers and vegetable4
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