Why Grand Tour Bike Races Are a Great Choice for an Eco-Holiday

Why Grand Tour Bike Races Are a Great Choice for an Eco-Holiday

When you are planning your holiday, watching a bike race might not feature at the top of your list of priorities. But before you dismiss the idea, consider the evidence first.

Some of Europe’s most beautiful scenery can be seen during the three most prestigious bike races in the world: the Tour de France, the Giro D’Italia, and the VueltaaEspana. From picturesque country villages and mountain passes to coastal resorts and city boulevards – just watch a couple of stages on TV, and you can see each country in all its glory.

Tour de France

The most famous of all the races is the Tour de France. The event attracts fans from all over Europe and beyond. Many of them arrive in camper vans and follow several stages of the race. The crowds can be huge, and the atmosphere is fantastic, especially at famous spots such as the AlpeD’Huez or Mont Ventoux.

If you head to “Le Tour,” it is worth learning some French. You can easily go online and find French tutors for all ages and levels close to you. Or you can take classes online before your trip to help you out in some more rural areas. Not everyone in France speaks English, and many people who know some English appreciate it if you also try to speak some French. It shows respect to the locals and will make you much more welcome.

You can find a French tutor online to get you started. The same applies if you are heading to races in Spain and Italy, which often traverse rural areas where language skills can be useful. All three races also have stages in other countries. For example, the 2022 route for the Tour de France enters Denmark, Belgium, and Switzerland at various stages.

Get on your bike

On a bike holiday, you’ll meet loads of people whose favorite mode of transport is the bicycle. Some people take their bikes and combine their trip with some bike riding of their own. Many cyclists have bucket lists of famous climbs they want to ride up. If you are a bike rider yourself, this is a fun way to enjoy the local scenery and discover places to eat and stay that you would not find on a standard vacation.

Keep it green

The freedom of a cycling holiday is unrivaled. Being in the rural areas of France, Italy, or Spain also gives you a chance to find some of the fabulous eco-hotels that are becoming more numerous in all three countries.

A bike trip helps you connect with nature and supports the sustainable tourism industry in rural areas. You can get right off the beaten track and immerse yourself in the culture. And if you ride an e-bike, many eco-resorts have dedicated charging points to keep you on the road.

Some tour companies will even plan rides and provide a group operator for you. This includes guidance on fitness training so you can take on the most challenging peaks, hairpins, and gradients before watching the action from the best vantage points. Whether you choose France, Italy, or Spain, your Grand Tour holiday will take your breath away in more ways than one.

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