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Why Invest in Organic Cotton Towels and Bedding?



One of the first things you’ll notice when you determine to only purchase the best organic cotton products is that organic products cost more. At this point, your habits of frugality may motivate you to reconsider. There are some very good reasons to stick with your original plans.


Organic Products Are Durable


Organic, high-quality cotton is extremely durable. This may be one of the reasons that cotton products are used in countries all over the world. This characteristic means that rather than purchasing new bedding and towels every year, you can put that money into savings (or into the purchase of something fun.) The use of low-impact dyes may also add to the long lifespan of these products.


Organically-Grown Cotton Is Free From Chemicals


As consumers become more aware of the chemicals that exist in so many household products, they are increasingly concerned about the effects of those toxins. Organic products must be grown without synthetic fertilizers or the use of toxic pesticides. This makes truly organic products safer for the very young and the very old, as well as providing a great deal of peace of mind for everyone else.


A Better Growing Environment


In general organically-grown products, such as cotton, leave a much smaller footprint on the environment. Organically-grown cotton plants are more efficient water users than plants grown with conventional methods because the land tends to be much healthier on organic farms. Decreased use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers mean cleaner running streams and even public water supplies.


Expect the Best


Just a mention of the word “cotton” summons up feelings of comfort and security. It has long been a favorite in nurseries and high-end luxury accommodations. You probably have at least a few cherished items in your closets that have been manufactured from this timeless product. However, not all cotton is the same. How can you be sure that you’re getting the real, high quality product that you expect? The only real option is to purchase organically-grown cotton.


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