Why the Best Turmeric Supplement Is a Sustainable One


Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Indian cuisine and medicine for its benefits for overall health, particularly brain function boosts and inflammation reduction. The recent popularity of turmeric supplements has led to a global increase in demand, making it essential that the plants used in these supplements can be grown and harvested sustainably.

Maintaining green practices matters both for environmental reasons and to ensure a steady supply and low price for years to come. And while this obviously applies to turmeric, the best turmeric supplements also contain other ingredients to boost their efficacy, including BoswelliaSerrata (also called frankincense).

Supporting brands that engage in the sustainable farming practices of their ingredient’s benefits everyone; from the farmers and environment, to consumers looking for consistent supply and reasonable prices.

How Supplements Are Kept Sustainable

Most of the world’s turmeric is grown in India and other countries in southeast Asia. These are often small farms, so it is heartening that an organization as august as Cornell University has helped design the Sustainable Turmeric Initiative. By increasing the production of turmeric while reducing the environmental impact of the farming, the S.T.I. provides a promising look into the future of turmeric farming in India.

Top turmeric producers, such as Verdure Sciences, makers of LongVida® Turmeric, also join trade organizations like the Global Curcumin Association (curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric) to help other engage in green practices and improve the practices of the industry on the whole.

Farming practices are essential to sustainability, but the entire manufacturing process can also be used to benefit a more eco-conscious sensibility. For example, processing plants in these regions of the Earth are often able to use green energy sources. According to Verdure Sciences, one such plant, “has increased its use of solar and thermal energy to maximize efficiency. The byproduct plant material remaining after processing is also utilized to heat the facility and donated to local farmers to use as fertilizer.”

As mentioned, however, turmeric is not the only crop to consider, even though its name is the one on the label. Boswelliaserrata can also play a major role in turmeric supplements, primarily due to its ability to bolster the effects of turmeric, relieve of joint discomfort, and increase joint mobility. Also called frankincense, the Boswellia tree grows in similar climates as turmeric and a great deal of attention has been given by researchers on the importance of responsible farming and manufacturing  practices.

Boswelliaserrata trees are usually harvested by local populations. Gum resin from the tree can be harvested after 12 years of growth, and it takes the combined product of about 10 trees to make 1 kilogram of Boswellia extract. This makes the importance of maintaining tree populations readily apparent. Some supplement manufacturers will go so far as to donate hundreds, even thousands, of saplings to the local tribes to ensure that there are trees available for today and tomorrow.

Fighting Chronic Inflammation: How Boswellia and Turmeric Benefit You

The health benefits of turmeric continue to increase as new studies are published, but the cornerstone of all these benefits generally relates back to inflammation.

Inflammation is the major underlying cause to serious diseases like asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and even cancer. While low-grade inflammation is a natural part of your immune system response, systemic inflammation is a real problem. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress all contribute to widespread inflammation.

Ample clinical evidence supports the fact that turmeric can fight inflammation while also supporting a healthy gut and better brain function. It helps reduce gas and bloating associated with digestion, helps encourage a healthy gut microbiome by expediting the regrowth of damaged glands, and other areas of the digestive system.

Turmeric has also been shown to help alleviate pain, and improve cognitive function in some surprising ways, including potential memory benefits and even lower instances of depression.

From arthritis to inflammatory bowel disease, Boswelliaserrata helps control inflammation and pain associated with diseases. Because of its sustainability and ability to treat without negative side effects, a supplement with Boswelliaserrata can help even beyond the pain-relieving abilities of NSAIDs.

Boswellic acid found within the resin has the ability to inhibit the activities of leukotrienes, which are identified agents of inflammation. Studies of patients with osteoarthritis were found to report reduced pain, reduce inflammation, and increased mobility when treated with Boswelliaserrata supplements. When combined with the properties of turmeric you get the best in anti-inflammatory treatments.

Most recently, because of its wide-reaching benefits, Boswelliaserrata has been studied for its potential impact on cancer. With cancer not having a known cure, it has become the focal point of researchers to identify all means of delaying or stopping the development of cancer. By inhibiting inflammation which can damage cells, boswellic acids help to prevent cancerous cells.

Moving Forward And Away From Pain

Moving Forward And Away From Pain

The combination of turmeric and Boswelliaserrata delivers potent and direct relief from inflammation and the associated pains. Supplemental support is the next step forward in treating common health problems more naturally.  However, stepping away from drugs and seeking more natural options can potentially place strain on our natural resources.

Choose a supplement that offers the strongest and most sustainable ingredients, to ensure you protect your health and the environment the best way you can. Supporting companies that engage in green business practices will help the Earth, the people depending on the company for their livelihoods, and your own health and pocketbook. It’s a good thing for everyone.

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