Will you be the next Paul Walker to protect the marine life?

protect the marine life

You may know Paul Walker for his acting skills but not many are aware of his contribution and passionto converse the marine life. You may not know that Paul Walker is the biggest inspiration for marine life protection. A foundation was started named, “The Paul Walker Foundation” where people continue to do what he started, protecting the marine life.

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You can be the next Paul Walker if you have a passion for the ocean, passion for conserving the marine life and passion for helping other people. If we all show a little humanity and devote 10% of our focus in protecting the marine life, then this world will be a better place to live. We have exploited the natural resources and energy to a great extent, and now it is time to converse the natural resources before an ecological disruption takes place.

Here are a few steps to protect the marine life and the maintain ecological balance of the earth:

  1. Use eco-friendly carry bags:protect the marine life
    Say no to plastic carry bags, the more you use the more plastic debris ends up accumulating in the sea. These plastic bags are non-biodegradable, so both marine life and birds often end up eating plastic pieces as they misunderstand it for food. This can choke them if they consume it. 
  1. Keep your local beaches spic and span: Remember, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” so every time you throw that beer bottle on the seashore, you are indirectly harming the marine life. Therefore, try to keep the beach clean and pick up the waste before leaving the place. Always, remember that plastic which are lightweight may end up in the sea, so pick-up and throw it in the dustbin.
  1. Reduce energy consumption:protect the marine life

    If you reduce energy consumption, in turn, it helps to lower the oceans’ temperatures. The hot air emanating from air conditioner increases the temperature that is threatening the marine life. Therefore, these are the simple steps to protect marine life and save our mother earth.

  1. Opt for car pool and save fuel consumption: Car-pooling is the best way to save fuel consumption. If there are fewer cars on the road, then there will be less harmful carbon influences on us. If high fuel consumption stops, then it may have an adverse effect on the environment by increasing the surface temperatures of the ocean.
  1. Spread awareness to protect the ocean’s ecosystems:protect the marine life
    You cannot protect the marine life single-handedly, try to spread awareness among the young generation. If they are more conscious, then joint effort to protect the marine life will be successful. Talk with your neighbor, friends, and family about why and how to protect the marine life.You can use social media to spread the awareness to your friends and encourage them to join the movement. Make a dedicated page for this movement to start a global campaign for protecting our marine life.
  1. Keep the water bodies clean:protect the marine life
    Make sure that polluted water of industrial waste is not channeled to the sea. The water bodies are polluted with harmful raw sewerage that is deposited on the vulnerable shore line systems. The water can get contaminated and a large number of marine life will be affected.
  1. Opt for recycle goods: Use and encourage the use of recycled goods like paper bags or jute bags instead of plastic bags. If you do not stop the use of plastic, it willend up reaching the ocean. Try to make your own carry bags from old t-shirt or newspaper, and gift them to your friends and neighbor to initiate “no plastic” movement for protecting our marine life.
  1. Avoid the use of chemicals: Look for an alternative to your chemical cosmetics or cleaning products. There are eco-friendly cosmetics available in the market, so use the non-chemical products.

Paul Walker is the biggest inspiration for marine life protection and if you want to contribute, donate money to the non-profit organizations that protect the marine life. If we are more proactive, then we can save our mother earth. Spread the awareness of conserving the marine life and cleaning the water bodies to protect the underwater creatures. If we continue polluting the water bodies, it may have a dangerous impact on human life. So, save our mother earth and protect the marine life to maintain the ecological balance.

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