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Wind Turbine Trees – A new and chic way of clean energy

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Although clean energy installations is one of the best things to have, and everybody knows how important and essential they are for our society but often such installations receive major complaints and derogatory remarks. Many a time’s people find them obstructive to view, and many believe that they are no less than eyesores. Creative designers from time to time have tried to stand against all such blames and have come up with equally efficient and stylish to look at renewable energy installations, and this time they have nailed it.

Turbine Trees – Extremely stylish design

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It seems as if all the complaints are going to subside regarding renewable energy installations, all thanks to a French company NewWind. It has completely changed the concept of an urban wind turbine. Their invention is unique and seems to be promising enough to provide clean energy to urban areas without coming in the way of it beauty and aesthetics. This latest invention has a close relation with the natural vegetation, as far as the appearance is concerned. Coming down to its performance and efficiency, it captures low speed urban winds, operates noiselessly and generates great amounts of electricity.

Different from traditional wind farms

 wind energy concept

People welcome and appreciate traditional wind farms but cannot imagine their presence in the urban areas. They are fit for installations on the outskirts because people think they influence their lives and health in one way or another. One thing people do not like wind turbine farms is the noise that they make. Having a wind turbine installed next to your house is like having a continuous sound that obviously nobody enjoys. This is why urban wind farms are not that popular and successful.

Yet another reason that justifies absence of wind farms from urban areas is the fact that traditional wind turbines operate with utmost efficiency in the open spaces, not in small spaces. This is why most of the wind turbine farms are located either on far away hills, or in the plains on the outskirts.

Wind Tree – An urban clean energy solution

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A French entrepreneur Jerome Michaud-Lariviere has a penchant for clean and green technology, so he decided to change the present vision of wind turbines. His penchant made him put a great deal of efforts and thought, which eventually led to the invention of the Wind Tree. It is similar in its operation to the traditional wind turbines, but without the negative aspects like the noise and aesthetic nuisance.

As the name suggests, it looks like a beautiful green tree. It is no less than a remarkable piece of modern art that is fit for any urban area. Every tree is eleven meters tall and 8 meters wide, which means they are similar in dimension to the natural trees one can find in urban areas. The trunk of the tree is white steel frames, and the 72 artificial leaves are the micro turbines. The turbine leaves are made of lightweight plastic and is called “Aeroleaf.” The plastic leaves are treated with resin so that weather conditions do not make them fade or wither. Aesthetically speaking, the Wind Tree looks beautiful, and functionally it is efficient and the 72 turbines spin in a noiseless manner.

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Traditional wind turbines are very tall because higher the altitude the greater is the wind. The Wind Tree is not that tall but is built in a way that its leaves spin even with the lowest of the winds as low as 7km/hr. Therefore, efficiency wise they are as efficient as the traditional wind turbines, and strong enough to withstand Category3 winds as well.


The Wind Tree is a modern clean energy installation and is ideal for urban areas, as it is perfect from aesthetics and function point of view.