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What’s next: Wind turbines capable of converting even a puff of air into electricity

Efficient Wind Turbines

As we know it

Wind energy is one of the most efficient renewable sources of energies known so far. As we know, availability of wind is limitless, hence can easily be used for various innovative purposes. Renewable sources of energy are mainly used for electric power generation. Similarly, wind energy is also a pollution-free and safe medium to generate electricity. Unlike all conventional procedures of electricity production, wind turbines produces clean electricity with no discharge of pollutants in the air. Therefore, power generation activity with the help of wind turbines is growing very fast at very rapid rate in current times. Wind mills are mainly used to generate electric power. Apart from harmless production of electricity, wind mills are completely environment friendly and also help to enhance the beauty of land by its aesthetic design. Ultimately, this arrangement helps out in reducing the climate unfavorable changes. The main principle of wind turbine is to convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. The major two types of wind turbines are horizontal and vertical. This particular set up is entirely safe for human perspective. The main highlight of this method is that generated power can even be stored for future use. The compressed air is basically used for wind power storage mechanism. It is also mentioned that wind energy used for power generation is proven to be the most lucrative business across the world.

Need for change

In the recent years, uncontrolled increment in carbon discharge has become a major problem for the environment. As a result of it, many countries like US is seriously focusing on usage of wind energy for power generation. The rate of development in the field of American wind energy is growing very fast these days. This project is also showing its positive side by creating employment in rural areas. The European countries are equally working in the same direction, in order to provide climatic, social, and economic benefits to the world. Therefore, several efficient wind turbines are invented.

There are various essential features associated with wind turbines, which really play key role in its functioning. Apart from it, some additional developments are also required in order to enhance the wind turbine functions, such as the usage of air-flow technology, which in turn enhances the efficiency of blades in wind turbines. The focus is also given to structure and design of wind turbine instruments. On the other side, some aerial structures are also designed with the help of technically improved materials and computer technology. Some other advanced wind turbines include the blade less wind turbines, through which the frequency of the death of birds and bats also gets controlled to a very large extent. Recently, portable forms of wind turbines are also invented, so that you can even fit them in your car.

What’s next?

Here is a list of all new wind turbines designed to make a difference:

1. Vertical axis wind turbine

Vertical axis wind turbine

Vertical axis wind turbines are especially designed by considering all wind conditions in urban areas. The unique and special design, which includes the eight meter diameter along with a height of three meters makes it less dangerous for birds and bats. On the other side, this one produces lesser noise than usual horizontal axis wind turbines. The main highlight is, it is insensitive to wind directions in the atmosphere. As it is known that wind energy is always considered a second choice in the category of renewable sources of energy, and the dependence is more on solar energy; this fact might cause problem in the efficient use of such wind turbines.

2. Optiwind


The Optiwind turbine is well suited for offshore areas to generate electricity. The turbine is basically made to provide larger amount of power at larger basis for massive requirement. Therefore, the amount of electricity produced by three blades of the turbine is directly dependent on length of the blades. Hence, locations with low wind and high density capacity is ideal for the functioning of Optiwind. The main highlight is the funnel-shaped blades of the turbine, which actually help in establishing the efficient functioning. Such turbines are mainly available in two different forms – one is with the power of 300KW and another one with 150KW power. Optiwind produces enormous amount of power and is highly suitable for large ground like areas. However, the bigger size of the wind turbine makes it unsuitable for domestic areas. Thus, Optiwind may not be installed for resedential purposes.Optiwind is quite unattractive too.

3. Flodesign wind turbines

FloDesign Wind Turbine

If you are looking for any cost-cutting means of power generation through wind turbines, then Flodesign wind turbines are the best option. It is said that the extraordinary design of the turbine enables you to generate electricity with half of the cost than the conventional media of production. The design is mainly inspired from the jet engine structure. The entire mechanism is based on the role played by the blades of turbines. As soon as the wind reaches the blades, wind is further send to a set of movable blades. The entire rotation ultimately slows down the wind. As a result, a low pressure zone is generated behind the blades, resulting in the entry of more wind towards the turbine. Eventually, higher amount of electricity is produced. However, if the purchasing cost of conventional wind turbines are made affordable, a sudden increase in the use of traditional wind turbines can be possible,which can in turn cause damage to the usage of Flodesign wind turbines.

4. Antillean gothic

Antillean Gothic

Antillean gothic is not just a wind turbine, but entirely a new house set up with numerous benefits. The architecture is decided on the basis of an eco friendly concept. The main attractions are the usage of completely renewable materials like bamboo for building and the existence of a vertical wind turbine to produce electric power of around 7500 KWh on a yearly basis. The product is entirely safe in case of natural calamities as well, such as an earthquake, hurricane, and floods. At the same time, the house is also provided with benefit to provide ventilation, maximum sufficient natural sunlight, and clean water. One additional feature is the attachment of a 55 gallon drum, which functions as a gutter to store water for domestic uses like washing, irrigation, and cleaning purposes. It is completely a new modern concept of house architecture and turbine mode, and so it may take some time to become popular.