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Wine Tote made from cork leather

by DrPrem Jagyasi

When you think of cork, most think of the traditional wine stoppers that seems delicate and dry. Cork leather is made same from Cork Oak Tree, it is b boiled down to break its rigidity and then trim it thin. The cork is soft, warm and velvety to touch and its unique texture makes it classy and beautiful.


These two bottles insulated wine bag combines both luxury and functionally as this bag is covered in a velvety natural cork fabric. Each bag is one of a kind as it is made differently. To the touch, the cork leather is surprisingly soft and supple better than suede. In addition, cork leather is lightweight and waterproof material, which makes it an ideal material for bags. It is a material, which needs no special care as these bags are stain and water resistant, you can wipe it and go. This cork leather bag measures 9.50” wide, 15.00” tall and 5” deep.

It is made of a natural material and has its natural color, which will never fade. It is a scratch free material as it fully insulated and quite enough to keep your wine cool.  It accommodates two 750ml bottles or use one side for wine and other side for picnic food. The design allows you to use it as two-handle bag or you can even remove its shoulder strap. You will love to have this bag when you bring wine to a picnic or any other event.

It is a beautiful and an eco-friendly product as it is made by recycling process. This is that type of accessory, which you should have in your collection. If you want to buy this then it is available at Cortizza for just $112.

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