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Witham old age home flaunts grass roof

green roof

Moss-covered green roofs lend a sure grace to the 55-apartment Helen Court in Witham that has been erected on a former site of sheltered housing. Mimicking a turf, the sedum roof will have embedded wild flowers to augment its overall green texture. Awaiting its opening in September this year, the old age home will exhibit a whole host of green features.

Rainwater harvesting, and moreā€¦

Hanover Housing has done great job in supplying the residential development with superior insulation that captures rainwater runoff. Dave Ashley from SDC Builders Ltd explains how the roof works actually:

Rainwater goes into a rainwater harvesting tank which is then pumped up again to irrigate the sedum roof. Because it is self-sufficient, it doesn’t grow like weeds in the garden, so it doesn’t need any maintenance.

A series of irrigation pipe-work beneath the roof makes sure that water wastage is kept to a minimum. Moreover, a wood pellet boiler will also be there.

Via: BBC

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